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Online admission

Enrol in Istituto Marangoni courses using our online application platform.

Enrol in Istituto Marangoni academic courses and short courses in Milano, Firenze, Paris, and London in a few simple steps using our online application platform.

Below you can find all necessary informations to enrol online to one of Istituto Marangoni’s programmes:

Select Academic or Short Courses



Please read the the admission requirements carefully before you apply. Here are all the steps you need to take to complete your application. During this process, you will always be updated on the status of your application.

  • Register and log into the platform

    Create your account on the Online Admission platform and log in using your registration credentials. If you are a former Istituto Marangoni student, register by clicking on ‘I am already a student’, otherwise click on ‘new student’.

  • Choose your course and fill in the admission form

    Select the course you want to enroll in and fill in the Application form with your personal details. You will soon receive a confirmation e-mail. At this point, you can continue with the following steps.

  • Pay your enrolment fee

    Access the ‘Payment’ section to pay your enrolment fee (online by credit card or bank transfer). If you want to pay via wire transfer, please remember to download your Pro-forma invoice and to send it in to your bank to proceed with the payment (remember to write a complete reason for payment to make sure your payment is associated with your application). You will have to scan your receipt and upload it in the ‘payment’ section.
    You will receive a confirmation e-mail once the relevant Admissions Office has checked that your payment has been received.

  • Upload the required documents

    Upload all the documents required to apply for your course, as listed in the ‘documents’ section. They will be verified by our Admissions Office and you will be able to check the state of each document online in this list. For each update you will receive an e-mail and a notification message in the ‘profile’ section.

  • Offer

    After completing these steps, you will find a confirmation document for your admission in the ‘Offer’ section. You will receive by e-mail all the documents and certificates of your application that you will also be able to download in your reserved area by accessing the ‘profile’ section.
    If you receive a ‘conditional’ offer, you will have to upload the missing documents as soon as they are available (e.g. results of your English test).
  • Choose the options you want to add to your application

    When you receive your offer, you can check the options you want to add to your application:

    • language course (for Milano and Paris);
    • surgery course for the master’s courses;
    • combined programme (master pack) for annual courses, with the option to enroll in the master’s course;
    • sandwich courses for three-year degree courses (non-EU students applying for London will need to choose upon application; other students can decide afterwards).
  • Pay the tuition fee

    From now on, on the website, in the section ‘Payment’, the total amount of your tuition fee is available as well as all the instructions to proceed with the bank transfer. We recommend downloading your pro forma and delivering it to your bank to proceed with the payment (pay attention to the reason for payment to make sure the payment is associated to your application). You will have to scan the receipt and upload it in the ‘payment’ section.

    You will receive confirmation e-mail after payment verification by the Admission Office.

  • Please remember that...

    • If you are a non- EU student, you must apply for a student visa; we suggest that you submit your request to the relevant offices as soon as possible. You will receive all instructions by email. For more information or support, please contact the Admissions Office of the School you want to apply for.
    • When applying online, you can always check the progress of the entire admission process as well as of each section of the process;
    • for each progress in the admission process, you will receive a message in your reserved area and an e-mail with all the relevant details;
    • in some cases, additional documents may be required to complete your application;
    • if you have any questions or need support during your application process, please contact the relevant Admissions Office. You can always find the school’s contact details by clicking on the red ‘contact info’ label.


  • Log into the platform

    Enter the e-commerce platform and select the course of your preference.
  • Fill in the application form

    Fill out the form with your personal data and select course specifications:

    • campus
    • period
    • language
    • type (full package* or course only**)

    * The complete package includes the enrolment, translation services and accommodation in a residence or flat for two persons, complete with kitchen and double bedroom for the duration of the course.
    ** The price includes only the enrolment and translation services.

  • Select a method of payment

    You can make the payment of the short course directly online by credit card or by bank transfer. In case of bank transfer you will receive a confirmation email with the bank account details you need to make the payment.
    By selecting the credit card option, you will receive an enrolment confirmation email in case of successful payment.

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