Cutting-edge innovation meets Chinese heritage


Shanghai is a gateway between the East and the West, between old and new. It is only fitting that Istituto Marangoni Shanghai infuses European-inspired designs into traditional Chinese elements, mixing innovation with the local textile heritage. Participants can expect cross-pollination of hi-tech and fashion as an integral part of the curriculum, alongside innovative e-commerce experiences that disrupt traditional retail and distribution channels, requiring all-round business and design skills. This winning approach is matched by a new visual language that showcases a blend of eastern and western cultures, taking the best elements from each and tastefully combining them to come up with a fresh, rich offering.

Unique values

• Infusing European aesthetics into traditional Chinese elements
• Cross-pollination of fashion and technology
• Innovative e-commerce landscape
• New visual language blending Western and Eastern cultures
• Innovation of the local textile heritage

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