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Istituto Marangoni Tribune

Istituto Marangoni turns its gaze to the world of fashion, design and art, trying to give its students insights into the sector on career paths, success stories, current or past events and trends.

London Fashion Week · A Journey Through Innovation

Held twice a year since October 1983, London Fashion Week has been on a dizzying journey of innovation and forward-thinking culture.


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What an Interior Designer Does and How to Become One

Interior design is one of the most coveted creative jobs around the world.
Filled with aspirational profiles and success stories, driven by the growth of the entire design universe from fashion & luxury to product design.

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What a Visual Merchandiser Does and How to Become One

Visual Merchandisers present, arrange and display items in stores and shop windows, that is, in crucial places where customers get to see, pick and buy products.

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