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Online Admission

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Online Admission?
By using the Online Admission platform, it is possible to apply for an Istituto Marangoni academic course, following the online procedure (except for payment via bank transfer): you can fill out the admission form, pay via credit card and upload the receipt; for payment via bank transfer, it is possible to upload the required documents and have access to all the enrolment documents.

What are the advantages?
The online procedure allows taking, in one ‘virtual space’, all the necessary steps for your application monitoring the progressing of your request, having access to all the documents and certificates of your application.

Who can I contact if I cannot register?
For technical issues with the registration, please contact our technical support, sending an e-mail to and describing the problem in detail. For any other support on the application procedure, do not hesitate to contact the Admission Office of the School you are applying for.

I have already attended Istituto Marangoni and I want to apply for a new course, shall I insert my student details?
If you are a former Istituto Marangoni student, you have to register as an existing student, inserting your student ID and the e-mail address registered during your first enrolment. In this way, your data is extracted and available in your admission form. Please, remember to communicate any change of personal data to the Admission Office for approval.

Through the online procedure, can I apply for the next years of my current course?
No, with the Online Admission platform, it is possible to apply only for the first years of academic courses.

I have already made the enrolment to a course, however I want to change to another one, how can I do this?
It’s possible to request to change the course chosen directly from your profile, by clicking at the bottom of your profile on the “change course” button.
Such a request will be reviewed by the admission office of the school within 10 working days.
In the case it’s accepted, the advancement (uploaded docs and any payments made) relative to the previous enrolment will be transferred to the new enrolment; further documents and a supplementary payment may be required.

I inserted the wrong data in my application, how can I modify it?
If the application has already been sent, it is impossible to modify it. You have to contact the Admission Office of the chosen School to proceed with the necessary modifications.

I cannot complete the payment by credit card, what shall I do?
The main causes of error during the payment process are the following:

  • the monthly expense limit of your credit card may not be sufficient to pay the amount; you can check with your bank or the institution that issued your credit card;
  • the page was closed or you left the page before the payment confirmation (the entire procedure was not completed).

We remind you that you can also complete the payment via bank transfer, in this case, remember to print the pro forma with all the details and to deliver it to your bank to proceed with the payment (pay attention to the reason for payment to make sure the payment is associated to your application). You will have to scan the receipt and upload it in the ‘payment’ section.

You will receive confirmation e-mail after payment verification by the Admission Office.

I cannot upload a document, what can I do?
Make sure your popups are activated and try changing browser; if the problem persists, please write to describing the problem in detail (write if possible the browser you used and send screenshots of what you visualise on the screen).

I haven’t received any response on the sent documents, what shall I do?
Make sure you have sent all the uploaded documents correctly (in the ‘Documents’ section you should not see the ‘upload document’ button of the document you attend confirmation for, the document will result as ‘pending’); we also remind you that after uploading, you must click on ‘send’ at the bottom of the page.

The Admission Office can give a feedback on the documents in a few working days.

One or more sent documents’ state is ‘refused’, what does it mean?
The Admission Office makes sure that all the documents are aligned with the requested standard and with the admission requirements; if they are not, the office rejects the documents sending an explanatory message, to your personal area.  At this point, you will have to upload a new document, aligned with the request.

Should you need further information and/or need support, do not hesitate to contact the Admission Office of the School you applied for.

I need time to find some requested documents, will my application be cancelled?
Your procedure, with its current state, is not cancelled.  Please, remember to proceed with the enrolment and tuition fees, as soon as possible, to reserve a place in the course.

How can I find all the documents and certificates of my application?
From your personal area, accessing to ‘profile’, you can download all the documents of your application (e.g. application form, admission certificate etc.) Please, remember that you will find all the documents related to the state of your admission procedure.

How can I add some optional courses?
When you receive your offer, you can evaluate all the options to add to your application:

  • language course (for Milan and Paris);
  • surgery course for master courses;
  • combined programme (master pack) for one-year courses with master course’s application option;
  • application to a sandwich course for three-year courses (for non-EU students applying to London, the choice must be made when applying for the course; other students can decide afterwards).

You will be able to choose among available options on that date, and in relation to the main course you have chosen. For some of these courses (language and surgery) immediate payment is available to confirm the application.

What does ‘offer’ mean?
When all the steps are complete, in the ‘Offer’ section, you will find a confirmation document of your admission. It is a formal confirmation document for the admission to the chosen course.

In some cases, a first admission confirmation can be received also in case of lack (that is wait for the sending) of some documents: this confirmation is defined as ‘conditional’ and it is provisional, while waiting for the reception of the missing documents to complete the enrolment.

What are the contact details of Istituto Marangoni Admission offices?

Istituto Marangoni Milano
The School of Fashion
t. + 39 02 7631 6680 • 
The School of Design
t. + 39 02 7631 6680 • 

Istituto Marangoni Firenze
t. + 39 02 76316680 • 

Istituto Marangoni Paris
t. +33 01 47 20 08 44 • 

Istituto Marangoni London
t. +44 020 7377 9347 •