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Hakyeong (Rachy) Kang is a fashion illustrator and graphic designer.
Born in a Korean-Japanese family, Rachy travels around the world since a young age. This allows her to develop a strong and adaptable international mindset, which she applies in every aspect of her life.

After initially pursuing studies in typography and graphic design, in 2016 she ventured into graphic arts and became an official member of the “Korean Society of Illustration Research”, which allowed her to hold two personal exhibitions in Milan under the curatorship of Anna Mola, founder of AM PhotoIdeas. As a member of this prestigious Korean society, Rachy also had the opportunity to  participate in numerous group exhibitions in Italy, US and Korea.

Her passion for Milan’s artistic atmosphere led her to study at Milan Fashion school, where she first attended an Intensive Course in Fashion Design, followed by a Master in Fashion Design Womenswear. During the intensive course, Rachy won a fashion illustration prize for the Oscar-winning movie “Phantom Thread” and exhibited her work at Anteo Palazzo del Cinema. She then secured a scholarship with Italian luxury brand Etro for her Master’s degree and went on to win the grand prize for 2019 ETRO Global Competition. During her studies she also worked on projects with Puma HQ and Lineapple.

After graduating in 2019, Rachy started working as a Multi Luxury Brand E-commerce Manager at Impact Mood Srl., where she was in charge of placing orders and worked closely with top brands, such as Prada, Giorgio Armani and Maison Margiela.
Having gained experience in the Italian luxury sector, she later returned to South Korea to work as Global Luxury Fashion Consultant at Guidepoint, an American research enablement platform.
Recently, Rachy began collaborating with Istituto Marangoni as Sales Consultant for South Korea area, while she contemporarily runs a Seoul-based fashion corporation as a CEO and Creative Director.

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Fashion Illustrator, Graphic Designer
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