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The Course

Interior Design

The Art of creating a space.
Postgraduate Courses

The Postgraduate programme in Interior Design is aimed to present a career enhancement opportunity for professionals in the area, who wants to deepen their knowledge of Design within an international frame. Interior designers interpret the client’s desires through a professional holistic vision. Combining aesthetics and comfort, through colours, textures, fabrics and furnishings, they translate original styles for living spaces or luxury residences.


As a progressive learning experience, participants acquire advanced skills and upgraded project management techniques, with a special focus on the most relevant aspects of planning a design plan. Research methods are sources of analysis of new aesthetic languages and international trends, supported also by the acquired notions in the history of interiors. Furthermore, participants attend classes dedicated to upholstery materials and fabrics, finishings, and all other details considered crucial notions for the development of an interior design project.

Participants will also explore and strengthen their technical and planning skills according to innovative technologies, with the support of specific design software learning. Moreover, they reinforce their luxury clients management, along with dedicated business insights.

This course is aimed at professionals in the design industry, who already have experience in design project management and technical project planning.

Creative research, home décor design, professional project development, and business preparation are among the main topics of the programme.

Having a solid cultural approach is a prerogative: interiors reflect the current society and the ongoing search for beauty and comfort, which translates in aesthetic codes and trends, all culminating in a precise and strategic selection of proportions, surfaces, as well as in the chromatic and stylistic choices.

Participants become confident to make practical and accurate design choices, considering the durability of surfaces in areas that are exposed to high usage, or simply switching materials to create various ‘zones’ within a space that reflects a different style or flare.

Moreover, participants learn how to combine technical aspects in layout, material selections and technology, with contemporary decoration and design elements, translating the identity’ of a fashion brand, business, or individual, into a sophisticated project within the home collection sector.

Experimentation with contemporary interiors is encouraged; by analysing the current discipline, participants learn how to evolve traditional design styles, taking risks with innovative daring proposals, tapping on the challenges of sustainability, inclusivity and circular supply chain, through new consumers’ attitudes and technologies.

Participants manage the development of complex projects coordinating fabrics, colours, patterns and furnishings in harmony with both contemporary trends, and client needs using advanced technical design skills (CAD).

Learning focus
  • Luxury Interior Design Expertise
  • Interior Design Home Style Trends
  • Manage a Style Space
  • Luxury Clients Design Management
  • Interior Design Style Codes
  • Interior Design Studio Owner
  • Interior Design Luxury Consultant
  • Interior Design Trends Manager
  • Luxury Clients Design Manager
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