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1367. Divining Design Trends

Results of the observatory on contemporary design trends. Guests: Elena Marinoni • Trend Forecaster & Istituto Marangoni Visual Design Programme Leader

The Istituto Marangoni School of Design presents the results of 1367 | Divining Design Trends, the observatory on emerging trends that in this phase of great transformations and continuous discontinuity are substantially redefining contemporary design, offering unprecedented food for thought for those involved in the design culture.

Drawing on the research conducted by students across the three departments - interior, product and visual design - during the 2020-2021 academic year, the observatory made it possible to identify six macro guidelines for change and ten key trends that speak of a future that is already happening.

The evidence that emerged was translated through the visual metaphor of a tarot deck, an ancient traditional artifice used to predict the future and train hypothetical thinking. Each theme has been transformed into an arcane and supported by emblematic evidence and case studies, the starting point for shared reflection and an immersive installation open to the public at Istituto Marangoni Milano Design during the Milan Design Week in September.

The result is an incredibly relevant overview of the new needs and aesthetics that will soon guide the design industry.

Some of the most interesting facts that emerged from the research included, on the one hand, the clearly growing influence of virtualisation and gamification on design, with the boom of NFT and generative design, and, on the other, the paradigm of circular economy, the emphasis on well-being and the inclusion imperative.

The objective behind the research programme was on the one hand to encourage the analytical skills and critical thinking of Istituto Marangoni Design students and, on the other, to confirm the School’s mission to be not only an excellent learning environment, but also a research and experimentation hub, where research insights become a contribution to the entire design community and a way to inspire future designers and encourage them to question themselves about the changing world.


07 September - from17.30