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The Course

Luxe à la Française

Appraise the visible and implicit codes of the ‘Luxe à la Française’
Semester courses · postgraduate

French Luxury is recognized all over the world for its uniqueness from Fashion, Leather goods, Art de la table, perfumes with visible and implicit codes.

In a Glocal world, this semester course provides the understanding of these subtle codes through discovery, investigation and experimentation of the ‘Luxe à la Française’ through its different artefacts in order to enhance personal or professional education for a personal or professional objective.


The programme appraise the excellency and the subtle visible and implicit codes of the ‘Luxe à la Française’ through Fashion and the universe of Haute-Couture and the French Elegance. The world of French Craftsmanship including the fabrics, embellishments, embroideries up to the refinement of perfumes and cosmetics and the exceptionality of Jewellery and High Jewellery will be unveiled.

Programme Specification


Participants will discover the interlink between the different luxury fields and experiment the singularities and artistry of the French Gastronomy, Wines and its local anchorage, up to the ‘Arts de la Table’ and Luxury hospitality as a setting to shed light on the uniqueness of the French luxury know-how and French Luxury artefacts.

Through lectures delivered by experts, Masterclasses, field trips, experimentations and study cases, participants will advance from lover stage to connoisseur stage and will reveal while comprising the mythical image of the Parisian elegance and the uniqueness of the ‘Luxe à la Française’.

The participants will appraise how the Fashion luxury industry thanks to ancestral know-how and creativity in perpetual renewal, combined with local roots contributes to the international recognition of the French Luxury and its distinctive way of life.

Using this knowledge, participants will be introduced to the current organization of the French Luxury universe today and apprehend how the legacy and the management of the heritage dimension are fundamental and inseparable from a French anchorage.

  • Luxury codes
  • Haute-Couture and French elegance
  • Craftsmanship
  • New luxury expressions for Luxury Fashion brands 1: Perfumery and Leather goods
  • Brand strategist
  • Brand Manager
  • Business developer
  • Retail Area manager
  • Image consultant
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