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The Course

Draping Womenswear Design

1 week
Short courses
Short courses

In this one-week course participants will create a collection, manipulate fabrics and give immediate shape to their ideas and creativity.


By working with fabric and pins on a mannequin, participants can find inspiration and transform it into a concrete idea: they will twist, fold, gather and layer fabrics in order to get immediate artistic results. The work will begin with an individual research that will constitute the creative starting point for the process of draping, then followed by photographing and sketching.


Working with a sketchbook as well as working with fabric on a mannequin will help to develop and build ideas for shapes and details that will form a fashion collection.

This collection will be explained through a presentation of a portfolio at the end of the course. The programme will also introduce participants to a wide panorama of fibre, fabric and the main peculiar characteristics of raw materials, and new hi-tech finishing. Participants will be able to distinguish the quality and suitability of fabrics and combine them with proposals to shape and build contemporary silhouettes with an up-to-date fashion aesthetic.

The course focuses on:

  • Pattern Cutting
  • Construction
  • Fabrics & Materials
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