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The Course

Fashion Drawing

Short courses
Short courses


This course aims at preparing and sharpening the participants’ visual communication skills for fashion. As future illustrators and fashion designers, they willlearn how to communicate ideas through drawing, in relation to the various technical requirements of their job.


Week 1

The fashion figure: proportions and characteristics, sketching ideas for fashion, rendering, understanding form, shape and the natural body, by using various

media. Participants will study the history of fashion illustration over the last century and learn how the power of illustration has changed the 21st century of

advertising, publishing and marketing. They will understand the importance of materials, their characteristics and intrinsic qualities, they will analyse fashion

trends and learn basic tools of illustration using Photoshop.


Week 2

The two extremes of experimental fashion illustration and technical drawing. Technical drawing: participants will understand the fundamentals of a precise

and detailed technical flat. Creative drawing: participants will practice experimental drawing using all media of art materials, capturing the essence and

mood rather than the realistic image, using both techniques by hand and with digital tools such as illustrator and Photoshop. Participants will achieve an

indepth fabric & material competence, and understand the importance of the contemporary cultural context to create a fashion collection.


Week 3

New media, Photoshop and In-Design fabric rendering. Participants will learn how to render fabrics by hand and by computer. They will create a series of

fashion illustrations used to either depict a fashion collection or for an editorial / advertising campaign. Participants will apply new media to colour and render

illustrations designed for a contemporary global market. They will implement skills in visual communication and understand the basics of fashion marketing

and related strategies in a business context; they will also discover the complexity of the fashion system.


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