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The Course

Foundation Programme

Preparatory · Foundation

This preparatory programme aims at providing participants with the essential notions for entry into any fashion area undergraduate programme. Over the course of the year students are offered exciting new challenges that will improve and nurture their creative thinking, develop and improve their fashion design and management skills, as well as guiding them to identify where their true passion lies.


Participants will develop a first understanding of the main soft and hard skills required to work in the fashion fields, and have the chance to be introducted to Istituto Marangoni teaching and learning methods; at the same time, they experience an intensive learning approach that is required in order to successfully progress onto one of the full-time fashion undergraduate programmes.

 All foundation year programmes cover essential methods and techniques for exploration and research in fashion and design contexts, such as:  presentation and communication skills, how to conduct primary and secondary analysis on consumers, trends and concepts, how fashion, design and other creative industries are structured, as well as investigating the materials, tools, and techniques used in each area. Attention is given to enable participants in developing an individual approach to creative expression and to conceptual thinking, which they will develop further in their chosen undergraduate programme.

Academic discipline is at the heart of the syllabus and is supported with English or Italian language study skills (as required), focuses particularly on the communication of ideas in both verbal and written formats. Concluding with a portfolio of their first works, participants have the knowledge and skills they need to be able to make an informed choice on the undergraduate course that best suits their interests, passions and abilities.

Within each Foundation course, dedicated study units provide an overview of key areas of the industry; for instance, Fashion participants are introduced to basic notions fashion design, but also primary concepts of fashion business, and fashion styling.

Learning Focus
  • Research books and Narrative Moodboards
  • Digital Tools
  • The Creative Process
  • Contemporary portfolio and medias
  • Fashion Culture and Contextualisation
  • Trends Analysis and Style Development
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