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Portfolio Design

Enhance your creative skills and develop a professional portfolio
Short courses
Short courses

The Personal Portfolio Preparation short course, featuring an exclusive collaboration with world-renowned talent scout Sara Sozzani Maino (Scouting and Educational Initiatives Advisor Vogue Italia & International Brand Ambassador Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana) is designed to equip students with the visual skills they need to communicate their design ideas. They are introduced to some of the most important notions of sketching and drawing, as well as digital design skills for visual communication and representation. At the end of this course, students will have designed and output a complete identity and style research and portfolio.


With a special focus on requirements analysis and contemporary needs, participants are prepared to present a personal portfolio, commonly requested to study at undergraduate level in fashion or design or with a view to a job application in fashion or design fields. Tutorials encourage students to analyse the visual world in which we live, through drawing and the sourcing of visual images that together combine the personal research undertaken in the field. The pace is fast, to generate instinctive responses to the set tasks and tease out the enthusiasm and possible subject focus of the student in the field. 

19 Dec 2022 - 06 Jan 2023
English  - Fee
Only course fee
رهم AED16,000

In the first week students explore the visual world and the latest aesthetic trends, to understand which contents they want to communicate. Through drawings, text, colours, images research, they will be able to identify the area in which they want to focus and develop their portfolio in the following weeks.   

In the second week students gain the tools to create their own portfolio, by assembling the references and the inspirations they found through the research, evolving and deepening them by using drawing techniques and other digital graphic tools, consistently with their desired outcome. 

During the third week  students organize their work with the support of digital software for the creation of layouts, including in the research also materials, colors, drawings, etc and developing a personal visual identity. They will work on the creation of their own portfolio, creating carefully edited collages, always taking into consideration the purpose of the portfolio, like further studies or job interviews, for a presentation coherent with their aims/expectations.

  • Demonstrate a competence in the use of information technologies necessary for the presentation of a portfolio;
  • Show an ability to develop themed concepts and design ideas;
  • Generate a body of art work that evidences personality;
  • Apply aesthetic judgement and editing in the development of a portfolio of visual work.
  • Visual Research
  • Portfolio Concept Development
  • Visual Communication Principles
  • Trend Research
  • Mood board design
  • Sketching for Fashion and Design
  • Digital Graphic Tools
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