Avocational Level Short Courses · 12 weeks

6 Jan 2020 - 27 Mar 2020
6 Jul 2020 - 25 Sep 2020 28 Sep 2020 - 18 Dec 2020
tuition fee $ 7.500

Programme Specification

Fashion Design courses provide participants with an opportunity to experience the world of fashion; learning key techniques and skills to design and create menswear or womenswear, while responding to changing needs, trends and influences of the fast paced international fashion and luxury industries.

Fashion designers are the inspiration for creative ideas and new trends, not only in clothing, but also in fabric development. They construct collections based on an informed understanding of art, design, fashion and the role of creativity, applying knowledge of materials and fabrics to create fresh new ideas for fashion.

From skills in sketching and fashion illustration, these courses aim to give as much opportunity as possible to aspiring fashion designers to experience techniques in fabric and clothing manufacturing, garment and collection design, pattern cutting and garment making, as well as exploring key notions in the history of dress, key fashion trends, and the fashion system.

For personal enrichment and enjoyment, avocational courses are offered in a series of two (2) distinct levels ranging from a foundation introductory level, working through to a higher comprehension of skill and study. This enables a ‘flexible learning experience’ for participants to select and build on their own experience and personal achievement.


Avocational courses available in Fashion Design:

Fashion Design & Illustration • 12 weeks
This course starts with an overview of sketching and drawing techniques for fashion. Participants are also introduced to pattern cutting
basics, and the principles of art and dress in history, necessary for design research and to cultivate a creative vision. Participants discover
the fundamental ‘base’ to designing for fashion, understanding skills that designers use today.

Fashion Design Collection • 12 weeks
In this course, participants are encouraged to develop skills in order to design fashion collections, based on an informed analysis of body proportion, the influences of art and culture on design, as well as exploring fabrics, garment construction, and the marketing of ideas in collection design.

The Fashion Garment • 12 weeks
Working from the participants own fashion design collection, the vocational learning experience will include more sophisticated pattern cutting and draping skills to their own designs and collection projects. This course builds on a solid practical approach to garment construction, finishing and details, and more comprehensive approach to collection design and presentation skills.

Studio Collection • 12 weeks
Fashion collections for shows are the culmination of the designer’s creative endeavor. This course experience allows participants to work on a collective group project to actively create a fashion design collection for the catwalk, working in a team just as in a real working fashion design environment, as well as the development of an individual fashion collection portfolio of designs. Italian Language Training

To complement the knowledge provided in the 12-week avocational courses in Fashion Styling, Fashion Business and Fashion Design, participants also have the opportunity to study intensive Italian Language Training. Face-to-face language learning will enhance their understanding of the elements of “Italianness”, and the relationship to the concept of luxury within the fashion industry. The 3-month Italian language-training program is delivered via a natural ‘conversational’ methodology that is appropriate for beginners and non-native Italian speakers.

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