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Fashion Show 2023


Istituto Marangoni Milano kicks off Milano Fashion Week with the ESTRANGEMENT Fashion Show 2023 to present the collections of the Fashion School’s 10 best Designers of 2022/2023.

How would it feel to be in a place that exists beyond space and time? How can the physical and digital realms merge to create a phygital work of art that blends technology and materiality?

Istituto Marangoni Milano answers these questions through their fashion show, ESTRANGEMENT, which explores the concept of individual isolation in contemporary society and the use of digital tools to foster interaction and connection.

The show is centred around Artificial Intelligence and the Metaverse, offering an immersive, ethereal experience at the intersection of art, fashion, and technology and shedding light on the ever-increasing connection between humans and digital beings.

19.09.23 The Fashion Show 2023 at Frigoriferi Milanesi

The Fashion Show was held on September 19, 2023 at the Frigoriferi Milanesi exhibition centre in Milan, a venue that has launched many promising young talents in the fashion world.

The location served as a perfect white canvas for presenting the 60 looks during the show. The catwalk turned into a ‘soundwalk’ as the models were followed step by step by projections and sounds created by Sound Designer Chiara Luzzana. Known internationally for her expertise in the field, she used AI during a live performance to enhance the experience and create an immersive, futuristic atmosphere.

Front Row · Fashion Show 2023

Some of the guests in front row at the Show: Coma_cose, Luigi Giarretti, Francesca Busi, Giulia Bernardi, Matto Varini, Sofia Delle Rive, Beatrice Quinta, Maria Sole Pollio, Santi Francesi


Francesca Ragazzi · Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Italia«Each designer was proud to tell their origins about their country, home, and family. I was impressed by their emphasis on handmade techniques and everyone’s boundless creativity and ambition».


The Fashion Show showcased collections that resulted from the Fashion Design students’ research and experimentation at Istituto Marangoni Milano. These collections were selected by a jury of experts from various fashion areas, including publishing, creative sections of corporations, art direction, and buying.

During the presentations, the judging panel evaluated the young designers’ creative and personal collections, each comprising six outfits. This momentous occasion allowed the young talents to connect with significant fashion system personalities who immersed themselves in the narrative of each collection. They examined everything from the selection of fabrics to technical details and the inspiration behind each outfit.

This in-depth dialogue gave the jurors a comprehe

06.09.23 The Judging Panel selected 10 out of 40 Fashion Designers who applied for 2022/23 

This year, the judges included Sara Maino · Creative Director @Fondazione Sozzani, Francesca Ragazzi · Head of Editorial Content at Vogue Italia, Federico Rocca · Fashion Editor di Vanity Fair, Alessio Cuozzo · Head of Buying di MODES, Youwie Roes · Creative Talent Manager di Eyes on Talents, Michelle Francine Ngomno · Presidente di Afro Fashion Association, Nicola Brognano · Creative Director di Blumarine che insieme al Team Accademico composto da Barbara Toscano · School Director e Diana Marian Murek · Director of Education, a selezionare i talenti più promettenti che presenteranno le loro collezioni durante la Fashion Week Milanese.

The two days of fittings, including the selection of garments and accessories, make-up, and hairstyles, is a unique opportunity for the 10 selected designers to experience the behind-the-scenes of a fashion show as if they were part of a well-known high-fashion brand.

On these two days, the models will try on the collections they will wear on the catwalk, and each student and their Academic Team will work on styling their garments. It is the perfect time to experience the planning of a fashion show and contribute to creative direction.

14.09.23-15.09.23 Two days of fittings and preparation for the fashion show at Istituto Marangoni Milano

This year, Cosetta Giorgetti, a Make-Up Artist and Beauty Editor, and her team will provide their valuable expertise in studying the most suitable make-up and hair to enhance the individual collections and the models wearing them.

The behind-the-scenes of the Milano Fashion Show 2023

Dive behind the scenes of Estrangement · Milano Fashion Show 2023 and discover everything that goes on backstage: from choosing the location to setting up the spaces, from casting to styling to hair and makeup, and to meet the School of Fashion's top talents.

Find out more about the immersive experience staged in the spaces of the Frigoriferi Milanesi, which highlighted the collections of the young designers by investigating the close link that exists between the human being and the virtual world through the use of a special tracking system that allowed the models to interact with the visuals and the Artificial Intelligence that supported the development of the soundtrack composed by Sound Designer Chiara Luzzana, who performed live during the show.

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