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Health and Wellbeing

Should I get private medical insurance in my home Country before I leave?

It is recommended that you get private health insurance in your own country before departure. If you have private medical insurance in your home country, please check whether you can extend it to cover your stay in Italy (it is always advisable that the insurance policy is validated by the Italian Embassy and translated into Italian or English).

Generally speaking, it is advisable to have private health insurance to make sure you have easy access to treatments and medical consultations, no waiting lists, and more freedom of choice.

You can also evaluate this option of private health insurance dedicated for international students provided by Paffer: the policy is Schengen, with all the necessary inclusions for obtaining a visa and then a permit of stay. The service has a 24/7 Call Center in 6 different languages with a dedicated toll-free number. You can find all the information at this link:

What about the Italian National Health Service?

Registering with the Italian National Health Service |SSN is an option. It entitles you to the same treatment as Italian citizens, which includes the choice of a general practitioner.

For the year 2024, students must pay a minimum lump-sum contribution for voluntary enrollment in the Regional Health Service of € 700.00 to be made EXCLUSIVELY via F24 form of the Internal Revenue Service.
If they have already paid the fee of € 149.77 (amount provided for previous years), it is necessary to pay the supplement of € 550.23, again exclusively through F24 form - region code 10 - contribution code 8846 - reference year 2024.
The already paid amount of € 149.77 (which still entitles the student to enrollment until March 31, 2024) is not refundable.
If the student has dependents, he/she must pay a minimum of € 2,000.00 that can be increased to a maximum of € 2,788.87 based on the previous year's income.

book an appointment at the ATS (Local Health Office) of your city (if you live in Milan, you can refer to the office closest to your address and check the opening hours).

What you need to bring with you:

  1. your Istituto Marangoni enrolment certificate
  2. your residence permit application receipt
  3. your tax identification code (codice fiscale)
  4. a copy of your passport
  5. the receipt of your registration with the Italian national health system

The National Health Insurance is valid for one calendar year (1st January - 31st December).

EU students: the European Health insurance card entitles you to benefit from medically necessary treatment, but for complete health coverage you should obtain the S1 form in your country (issued by the health authority of the EU country where you are entitled to healthcare)

Can I get private health insurance in Italy?

You can also buy private health insurance when you arrive (private health insurance for international students is provided by W.A.I. Welcome Association Italy, among others). It cost € 120 for 12 months' assistance and 71 € for 6 months (from the day of purchase) for non-EU citizens. EU citizens younger than 40 years old must pay € 202 for 12 months and € 142 for 6 months. It basically covers emergencies (meaning that expenses are covered only if you are admitted to hospital by ambulance or through the emergency room).


Emergency Numbers

In the event of an emergency, call 112 to get the right kind of help to you quickly: Carabinieri (police with military and civil duties), State Police, Emergency Medical Assistance, or Fire-Fighters.

How does Istituto Marangoni help me while in Milano?

Istituto Marangoni aims at improving the student experience by building a strong sense of protection in and out of the school.

At hand assistance
Psychological Well Being
IM Life Office

Istituto Marangoni partnered with International SOS.
International SOS offers a portal (and app), dedicated to all students of Istituto Marangoni 24/7: not only an easy way to find useful numbers and contact information, but also good advice for traveling abroad.

- Medical assistance and support: students are offered an unlimited telephone consultation with the dedicated school staff;
- Advice and alert system: the platform is activated in the event of a crisis and provides immediate response when an emergency occurs. It includes a multi-modal communication option to enable prompt assistance.

Please note that International SOS does not replace your health insurance. All services will be made available to you in your native language, so that no barriers can keep you from feeling safe and protected

Psychological well-being can be achieved by maintaining a positive outlook on life by developing effective coping strategies to reduce and manage stress, and through accepting and exploring oneself. For this reason, Istituto Marangoni offers a psychologist to its students with a dedicated counseling desk: mental health is crucial, even more so for students who are far from home.

The IM Life Office is designed to make your experience easier and make you feel part of an international community of students, creating value, creativity and culture every day and connecting you with the right services and opportunities whenever you need them: from special agreements and dedicated opportunities so you can access entertainment, culture, art, wellness and self-care services, through to resources to support your social well being. I’M Life Office works closely with all other school departments to provide centralized, comprehensive, and holistic support during your school experience in Milan.