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Chiara Luzzana is a creator of Sounds.
Sound artist, Sound designer and a Soundtrack's Composer.
She’s the creator of the THE SOUND OF CITY® project.
She lives between Milan and the rest of the world.

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What sound produce the Swatch watch? The skin for Nivea? The new Alessi collection?
A new drink for Martini? The luxury hotel in Singapore? The Lavazza’s coffee?
She knows it, because she creates them.

Millionaire: “With her original and unique approach, Chiara created a profession that did not exist”
Rolling Stone: “Chiara Luzzana, the Artist who transforms the city into a synthesizer”
Archiproducts: “Sound Designer that transforms emotion into music”
Sole 24 Ore: "Chiara Luzzana, the Sound-Teller of the big brands"
Corriere della Sera: “Symphonies from noises, the Sound Artist courted from around the world Brand”
Platform: “She creates soundtracks from noise. An undisputed genius”
Donna Moderna: “Brands want her: what for us is noise, she transforms it into beautiful soundtracks”
Focus: “Chiara, the Artist who give voice to the City”

Chiara: “I don't need a musical instrument when life plays the best notes”

Chiara is considered one of the highly innovative and visionary Sound Designer.
She designs the sound of the most important Brand in the World.
Chiara has defined a real compositional method, unique in the field of Sound Branding.
As a kid she studied guitar, clarinet and piano, but something in that method of teaching blocked her
creativity. Eclectic Artist, she wanted to break the rules imposed by musical notation, to create music
starting from the noise creating visionary Soundtracks.

Chiara: “It is in the noise and in its harmonious imperfection that my creativity finds inspiration”

Former student at Berklee College, where she investigated how the brain reacts to sounds and vice
versa, in order to structure every project with a specific mission.
Her sound works are a journey into the soul and psycho-acoustics, not just music.
She studied to become Audio Engineer in 2005, has collected Certifications and Specializations in
every field, from the neurobiology of musical cognition, to the construction of microphones, to nourish
her obsessive passion regarding every single detail related to sound.
Public Speaker from the Italian and foreign stages, through talks and sound performances, he tells
the importance of sound in communication and in everyday life.
Chiara has made more than 100 talks from 2015 to today, including an invitation as a speaker to the
Senate of the Italian Republic, several TED talks and sharing the same stage with Elon Musk, at
Tech Week 2021.

Her workshops are in Milan and Shanghai.

Winner of the “Muse Creative Award” 2017 for the “Best Soundtrack”. Winner of the “Muse Creative
Award” 2019 for the “Best Sound Project”. Finalist of "Music + Sound Award" in 2016.
Winner of “Best Soundtrack” for the Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation.


LINKEDIN: @chiaraluzzana - INSTAGRAM: @chiaraluzzana - FACEBOOK: @luzzanachiara - TWITTER:
@chiaraluzzana - HASHTAG: #chiaraluzzana #purityofnoise #sounddesigner #soundteller