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Nov 09, 2022

Fashion information: too fragmented to handle?

Whether in the office, at home, or in the subway, we now use our mobile phones to open various interactive apps and read all kinds of news and hot headlines. The massive amount of information we read on-screen increases our pressure in handling new content, even regarding fashion. If we always doubt whether we have read fake news or got fake knowledge, it is also impossible to devote full time to systematic learning. So, we began to get anxious and confused.

While this fragmented knowledge keeps our brain sharp, it is messy and disorganised. A massive amount of data is pushed to us and flooded into our eyes through the network daily. Mastering all kinds of knowledge is a challenging goal to reach. When we come into contact with a theory or idea, we can easily find that they are constructed from many fragmented knowledge systems.


1. Precipitate knowledge context

When mastering these theories and concepts, we need to get to their core, understand them in-depth, and then precipitate the concept. In a nutshell, we can connect complex fragments with logical concepts and master the idea.


2. Dynamic learning

Learning today is like the nomads' survival: a wandering between sources seen as non-material places providing an alternative source of nourishment, aka food for thought. Actually, getting a lot of systematic knowledge from books has become increasingly challenging as the fashion industry knowledge we get from books has fallen behind. But even the Internet cannot provide a complete system.


3. Learn from friends

Suppose you want to get the latest and fastest information efficiently and quickly. In that case, you can keep learning with enthusiasm through cutting-edge interactive learning, sharing your learning achievements with others, getting input from others, and forming an interactive circle.


4. Read classic books

Reading has always been a traditional way to acquire knowledge. Fragmented knowledge will disturb young people’s thinking and make their age even more confusing. We should obtain the logic and energy of knowledge from classic masterpieces, like a big tree, and slowly transfer nutrients from the roots to the leaves through the trunk and branches.


5. Reasonable study and entertainment time planning

Most people plan their time according to the number of tasks to complete within a specified deadline. However, some people will continue to have problems because of mistakes in their studies. We should leave enough time and space for important tasks to avoid time-consuming errors when planning our schedule. In addition to learning new content, there should also be time for review and inspection. As long as we stick to a careful learning process, there is no mistake, and we can complete almost all our tasks on time.



Pang Bo (Paul)
UG Fashion Design Tutor, Shenzhen