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Design students transform Home Décor Gifting with Orange Tree


Design students transform Home Décor Gifting with Orange Tree

A unique industry initiative that redefines home décor gifts, merging tradition with modern design sensibilities.
17 November 2023

In this notable industry initiative, two students, Anshika Mangla and Nandini  Kotawala from Istituto Marangoni Mumbai collaborated with Orange Tree to reshape the narrative of home décor gifts. Inspired by India's deep-rooted gifting traditions, this initiative explores the home décor segment, acknowledging home as a repository of cherished memories.

The project aimed to design gifts that seamlessly intertwine craft, sustainability, and evocative narratives. The emphasis was on designs that facilitate uncomplicated packaging, even allowing for potential foldability or a knock-down approach. The result is exquisite pieces that balance understated elegance with functionality, all while aligning with Orange Tree's commitment to "contemporary craft makers" with an international touch.

This industry collaboration stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of tradition with modernity, offering not just gifts but enduring artefacts that amplify the warmth and character of any home.

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