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"Fatto a Mano": a joint exhibition between Istituto Marangoni Milano and UEDA College of Fashion


"Fatto a Mano": a joint exhibition between Istituto Marangoni Milano and UEDA College of Fashion

10 October 2022

As part of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the twinning between Milan and Osaka, Japan, the Municipality of Milan has chosen Istituto Marangoni Milano to represent the city together with UEDA College of Fashion, a longtime partner of Istituto Marangoni. 

A joint exhibition between the two renowned Fashion Schools, "Fatto a Mano", was set up and held at Palazzo Morando during a visit by the Delegation of the city of Osaka.

The heart of the exhibition concept was the return to craftsmanship: combining creativity and manual skills has always been foundational to "Made in Italy" quality and to the incredible heritage of Japanese arts and crafts.

In a time where virtual reality is taking up more and more space, the Fashion Schools wanted to emphasise how the interest of the new generations is shifting towards a return to tactile, traditional techniques, folklore and traditions that have disappeared in their hands are reinvented, rediscovered with new eyes.

The outfits displayed represented volumes and three-dimensional effects that were impossible to describe in words, unfathomable and mysterious, resulting from the skilful use of ancient techniques.

The talented designers who have seen their collections exhibited in this outstanding location in the heart of the Fashion District are Lukas Christ, Hibiki Harasawa, Ayuka Hayashi, Reika Hayashi, Yayoi Imamura, Francesco Imberti, Jaehee Koo, and Lorenzo Sala.

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