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Istituto Marangoni at Metaverse X Luxury Symposium


Istituto Marangoni at Metaverse X Luxury Symposium

A one-of-a-kind event that combined Fashion, Technology, Luxury, and Metaverse
02 February 2023

Istituto Marangoni had the unique opportunity to take part to the 3-day long event dedicated to innovation with a community of fast-forward thinkers, entrepreneurs and industry. The thought-provoking ideas shared by industry leaders during the summit have shed light on new possibilities for fashion innovation, sustainability , and new business models.

Stefania Valenti – Istituto Marangoni Managing Director, joined other professionals of the tech and luxury business (OTB, Dolce&Gabbana, Bulgari, etc.) to discuss how the digital innovation is shaping the education and what Istituto Marangoni has already implemented in that sense by embedding the new technologies and  innovative tools to fashion design and art activities, becoming the first fashion institution in higher education. to join the metaverse and experiment with industry projects.

Exploring the potential of the metaverse has opened different  scenarios, making students’ projects more visible, hosting fashion shows in digital spaces and establishing new partnerships, enabling partner companies to develop valuable projects in the metaverse.

Istituto Marangoni is the first school in the metaverse - – and the platform will play a crucial role in the fashion system with the aim to experiment with students, teachers and digital firms that are partnering with the School, so to develop new cutting -edge projects focusing on the new frontiers of  fashion and design industries.

In 2022, this innovative drive featuring the metaverse applied to Fashion, Art, Design and Luxury education has led us to renew the school’s entire offer on a global scale. We have launched several programs embedding the digital skills required to shape the fashion, art and design experts of the future to drive the transformation and the innovation worldwide, keeping a high competitive edge. The entire offer includes metaverse and AR principles, giving the students an overview of the possibilities of the metaverse and the concepts of Web3, Blockchain, NFTs, virtual assets, VR and AR. The programmes also cover Virtual Fashion, 3D Modelling to design virtual fashion accessories that can live in metaverse environments/ experiences, Avatar and Virtual Space Design, which are crucial for experiencing the metaverse ecosystem.

Other modules spotlight NFT Strategy, Social AR and Gamification, helping the students develop the creative and strategic skills to apply these new critical tools to a modern brand’s marketing activation for the fashion, design and art industries.

Moreover, Istituto Marangoni has been the first school to produce a  phygital fashion show that took place simultaneously at Dubai’s Museum of the Future and in the School Metaverse showcasing the best collections of talented graduates worldwide. The outfits were showcased by the real models and by their avatars thanks to the virtual collections that were developed through Clod3d.

Innovation is a mantra for Istituto Marangoni. Indeed, the School is a  pioneer in developing not only the Company’s  metaverse, but  also new projects with prestigious industry partners; projects that encapsule a high level of innovation combined with unlimited creativity, like the Expanded Beauty - NFT Capsule x Cappellini, the ‘Layered Transparency’, the first exhibition made by the Custom Landmarkers technology that makes it possible to geolocate the elements produced in augmented reality. A selection of projects created by Product Design students was virtually placed in the streets of the Durini Design District and it could be explored in different locations by scanning the special Snapcodes that allow visitors to see the projects through the Snapchat app.

The future sees Istituto Marangoni delivering courses on the metaverse, another chapter of this exciting experience in the digital.

Getting to this point has been possible thanks to a passion for innovation, high levels of expertise, and the meaningful support and inspiration of a like-minded community of students and academics.

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