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Istituto Marangoni: The first School in the world to have students produce its audio logo


Istituto Marangoni: The first School in the world to have students produce its audio logo

04 April 2022

"There is no communication without listening": this is how Chiara Luzzana won the attention and passion of students at Istituto Marangoni Milano • The School of Design, as they worked on the production of the School's official soundtrack.

Using the products, objects and noises of different companies, Sound Designer and Soundtracks’ Composer Chiara Luzzana has already created sounds for international brands like Swatch, Lavazza, Alessi, Nivea and Costa Crociere.  

Audio Engineer since 2005, Chiara Luzzana earned various certifications at Berklee College in Boston, where she delved into how the brain reacts to sounds and vice versa. Subsequently, Chiara began working on an ambitious project: giving voice to cities worldwide. So, in 2016 she created THE SOUND OF CITY®, an album of soundtracks recorded using the cities themselves as multifaceted musical instruments.

Considered one of the most innovative Sound Designers of the moment, Chiara has created a profession that did not exist before. Starting from pure noise and managing to make music, she defined a new and unique compositional method in the field of Sound Branding that breaks the rules imposed by musical notation.

The aim is always to transform emotions into music. Her works are a journey into the soul and the psychoacoustic dimension, not only into music.

Why make a school soundtrack? Chiara Luzzana chose Istituto Marangoni because she believes that young talented students are the future of communication. To Chiara, it is imperative to give them a new perspective on sound and how to use it in communication. Starting from the urgent need for a paradigm shift, a change of perspective that puts listening first, brands also need to communicate and connect with sound if they want to be heard by the market, to be immediately recognisable and memorable.

Enthusiastic about this first experience, starting in October 2022, Chiara Luzzana will be a Mentor in the Master in Digital Design for Immersive Experiences, during which students will learn how to use sound as a communication and design tool.

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