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Look: It’s The Future


Look: It’s The Future

Istituto Marangoni Paris partnerships with Symrise for the annual Fashion Show
07 July 2023

Istituto Marangoni Paris and Symrise Fine Fragrance are bringing together the worlds of fashion and fragrance for the Istituto Marangoni Paris annual Fashion Show.

For the annual edition of its Fashion Show, Istituto Marangoni Paris showcased its ten best talents on July 7th 2023 at the outstanding Espace Niemeyer. Aiming to involve the guest into a sensory route, Istituto Marangoni Paris collaborated with Symrise Fine Fragrance and this remarkable collaboration brings together the worlds of fashion and fragrance.

For several months, ten of Symrise's senior perfumers worked closely with the students to discover the inspirations that had guided them in their creative process. Based on these exchanges, the perfumers came up with a unique fragrance in keeping with their stories. 

During the fashion show, guests were invited to embark on a sensory journey unlike any other thanks to the creativity of Symrise perfumers.  Each fragrance has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence and story of its corresponding collection. As the models grace the runway, the audience had the opportunity to embrace the distinctive olfactive universe of each creation, indulge their senses and immerse themselves in this experience. 

This incredible collaboration fuses the artistry of fashion with the captivating power of scent, a great starting point for a long-term partnership between Istituto Marangoni Paris and Symrise. As from the start of the 2023 academic year, the school will offer programmes dedicated to fragrances and cosmetics, where Symrise will provide training in the discovery of the olfactory world.

Discover more about the fragrances:

Juana Casares x Isaac Sinclair

ANONYMOUS MUSE, as Momentous collection, was created to fit all tastes and sizes.

Modern metallic notes such as aldehydes and spices are connected to the urban street wear universe, revealing the gray concrete and functionality aspect, while the sepia accord brings the vintage effect from the 1930’s negative photos. The raw denim texture is explored by the violet leaves and woody blend, covered by the ivory coffee and toasted brown labdanum.

TOP: Aldehydes, Cardamom Abs., Poivrol®

HEART: Sepia accord, Violet leaves, Coffee extract CO2

BASE: Vetiver, Symroxane®, Toasted Labdanum, Musks


Zihui Zhang x Aliénor Massenet

The inspiration for the fragrance comes from the blue tears of Zihing, Tears of her

childhood that she embroidered on the clothes of her collection and make her

signature unique. The fragrance is a blue musk. It opens with citrus and airy notes to give a boost of energy. The aqueous floral heart evokes the rolling tears while the dry down softens the whole fragrance in a comforting embrace of creamy woods and musk.

TOP: Mandarine Expressed oil Madagascar, Ginger Fresh Oil Madagascar, Ozonic Accord

HEART: Neroli oil Egypt, Cyclamen

BASE: Sandalwood New Caledonia, Ecomusk®


Tia Najar x Philipine Courtière

Directly inspired by the story behind the collection of Tia where opposites combine

while expressing their deep connection with rural life. La fourmi (the ant): base woody notes, very close to the idea of earth & harvest periods, illustrating the manual work and the functionality of the clothes. La cigale (the cicada): a contrast of joyous top and heart notes illustrating a certain sense of frivolity and “joie de vivre” proper to the cicada.

TOP: Cardamom, Coffee CO2 extract, Saffron

HEART: Gardenia, Tuberose, Rose

BASE: Boya Vietnam, Vetiver Oil Madagascar, Patchouli oil, Cypriol


Avalon Antila Smederevac x Emilie Copperman

The idea is to represent a romantic and imaginary forest seen through a chiaroscurolens. The white tones of musk and ambrox melts with the intensity of the woody notes while an overdose of cashmeran combined with fruity notes gives a comforting and regressive aura to the fragrance. To echo the choice of upcycled fabrics in the collection, some raw materials are also coming from upcycling such as Sandalwood drèches. 

TOP: Mandarine Expressed oil Madagascar, Red berries Accord

HEART: Cashmeran, Sandalwood drèches

BASE: Patchouli, Cypriol, Ambrox, Musk


Pedro Del Campo Criollo x Alexandra Carlin

Inspired by the draping volumes, the light and transparent superposition of fabrics,

black pastel and burnt fabrics and most of all by the tension between pure and

impure, black and white, Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde, the olfactive creation is dual:

two fragrances that clash and combine and can be layered with each other.

FAITH: A bergamot incense, 100% renewable as Pedro only uses fabrics from natural origin. An ode to the Pietà

TOP: Bergamot oil Italy, Sage oil, Sage Abs

HEART: Neroli oil Egypt, Incense

BASE: Musks

CHAOS: A burnt and woody fig, the fruit of the original sin in the Indian garden of Eden

TOP: Fig accord

HEART: Pyrogenated Incense

BASE: Vetiver, Sandalwood drèches, Juniper wood


Guillermo Hidalgo de la Dehesa x Pierre Gueros

The idea was to project Saffron, a spice very emblematic of the Middle Ages, into the modern times, by associating it with an avant-garde molecule with chlorine facets: Flowerpool®. The approach echoes the temporal dialogue set by Guillermo’s collection, together with the intention to transpose the sensation of the natural fabrics used in the collection – linen and cotton- with an overdose of musks. To evoke and enhance the sensuality, the base is built around amber gris and skin accords.

TOP: Aldehydes, Mint essence cristal, Flowerpool®

HEART: Sambac Jasmine Abs., Saffron accord, Cashmeran

BASE: Amber Gris accord, Cordoba Leather accord, Skin accord


Eun Jeon Young x Annick Menardo

Inspired by Dante’s Divine Comedy and Dante’s Inferno by Owen McGregor. An olfactive vision of a dark, mineral and cold Inferno like an icy desert under the surface of earth but balanced by the grace of dancing movements and entwisted fabrics.

TOP: Eucalyptus, Elemi oil, Lemon oil

HEART: Cedarwood, Pine Accord

BASE: Vetiver, Musk


Aachal Rai x Margherita Carini

Fragrance 100% upcycled to be consistent with Aachal’s approach on fabrics.To recall the corporate/office atmosphere at the heart of the collection and particularly the wood pencils, the fragrance has a woody base. The aldehydic facets emphasize the cleanliness of the office while the musky and relaxing notes evoke the comfort of the clothes. 

TOP: Aldehydes, Mandarine Expressed oil Madagascar, Lemon oil

HEART: Cedarwood

BASE: Patchouli, Sandalwood drèches, Ecomusk®


Kateryna Chyzh x Suzy Le Helley

The ambivalence of an explosion: On the one hand, real and violent, provoked by the war – as a reference to the actual Ukraine war witnessed by Kateryna, and illustrated by notes of dark smoked tobacco and urban tar. On the other hand, optimistic and vehicle of a possible hope, like a burst of joy and the promise of a better future, as the fragrance opens with fruity, tart and sweet notes of natural fruits extracts echoing clothes that sublimate the destruction. 

TOP: Apple Symtrap®, Strawberry Symtrap®, Pomegranate accord

HEART: Tobacco Accord, Cinnamon oil Madagascar

BASE: Clary Sage Abs, Styrax, Gaiac Wood


Luciano Piunti x Maurice Roucel

Inspired by the fabric draping of the collection that recall Greek statues and by the

concept of skin in all its shapes and forms. The fragrance opens with a very spicy note that evokes the sensuality of the skin and the “adobe” skin tone of Luciano’s creations. A leather accord follows, associated with ambery notes to illustrate the velvety sensation of the skin as well as the latex used in the collection. Finally, an overdose of musks drapes the whole fragrance. 

TOP: Cinnamon Oil Madagascar

HEART: Leather accord, Myrrh

BASE: Gaiac wood, Vanilla, Musk 




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