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Passenger Fashion Show: Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen


Passenger Fashion Show: Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen

Passenger Fashion Show: Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen Fashion Design students display their collections at Shenzhen Fashion Week
03 November 2021

Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen had the opportunity to display the work of their best fashion design talent at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre on October 27, during Shenzhen Fashion Week. Featuring collections designed by the school’s best students, the show was titled PASSENGER to represent human resilience in today’s transition period, shaped by the outbreak of the Covid pandemic and the way it influenced people’s lives.

Awarded best fashion collection of the year, DAI XUEMEI’s “Boundaries” was inspired by neo-cubism, geometrical silhouettes, deconstruction, 3D elements and prints. Designed for young independent and progressive women, the collection explores boundaries as geographical as well as personal limits, the borders of countries and cultures, past, future and present, good and evil, each with their own image and identity yet guided by a desire to merge into one, representing the process of unity and struggle as well as an object of art and fashion.

As today’s fast-paced city life and urban consumerism create greed and materialism, humans tend to lose their sense of humanity. Inspired by a journey to Tibet for Thangka art, DENG YASHI’s collection brings out the contrast between city lifestyle and Tibetan culture, creating a spiritual getaway within the urban jungle.

With “Romance in The Shadow”, SONG QIAN addresses “lithromanticism”, a psychological phenomenon making people unable to express love or to accept love from others. The collection touches on the topic of self-acceptance, and how loving oneself can be the way to be able to receive love from others.

With a keen interest in paleontology, ancient Sumerians and their technological marvels, ZOU LANLAN designed a collection focused on ambivalence, human DNA and a desire for self-transcendence. Despite the frenzy of everyday life, everyone has an irresistible urge to look at the starry sky, where our creators may come from.

“Plush addition” by ZHAO YUQING is a story about people’s love of old toys and need for a sense of security. Dreamy, extravagant and casual, featuring versatile clothing that can be easily transformed, the collection is for young women with rich imagination and sensitive mind.

The theme of WANG XIAOYA’s collection is “Paranoia”, evoking the youth isolated at home in 2020. Through hallucinations, irregular behaviours and black humor, they realise that the outside world is nothing but depraved and meaningless. Uncertainty and a sense of crisis make them independent, but also eager for attention.

Inspired by the art of fabric weaving, YANG LE explores the relationship between the individual and the infinite extension of life using poetic energy in the fragile state of nature. The collection is designed for women with a sense of ritual, inner independence, elegance and mystery, and a great sense of art.

The theme of LIANG XIAOCHUN’s collection is Symbiosis, inspired by Rob Woodcox’s photos, the global catastrophe of 2020, and how it changed the way people interacted with the outside world. The designer was also inspired by the way people became more concerned about others, more sensitive and compassionate.

The journey of Istituto Marangoni Shenzhen graduate designers explored new silhouettes, materials and shapes, but also people’s need to protect themselves by nurturing their soul with art, light and knowledge, while getting ready for a brighter future to come.

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