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Daniela Zhang

ESTRANGEMENT Fashion Show 2023


For this collection was inspired by Louise Bourgeois' works of pregnant women. The artist, throughout her professional life, drew a large number of red gouache paintings with the theme of mother and family, showing the process of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding of women. The bright red color,extremely abstract design and exaggerated lines depicting the female body where the collection started from.

This collection  revolves around distorted body curves that are not in line with modern aesthetics, the so-called "imperfect", "fat", "puffy" body curves, destroy the original body structure, explore the appearance of the female body under the cover of clothes.

Furthermore,the collection is deeply inspired  by the concept of recycling fashion, using second hand clothes, waste fabrics and creating new products .


Growing up in a Chinese family deeply connected to the Italian fashion industry, her creative spirit flourished from an early age. Her mother is a talented artisan and, together, they design and craft exquisite leather bags.

The Oriental culture of her childhood only intensified her dream of exploring the fashion kingdom of Italy, a place renowned for its sartorial elegance.

Fortuitously, her with has been granted when she attends at the  prestigious Istittuo Marangoni Milano. These are three years of systematic study of fashion which solidifies her dream to live a life of style and grace. 

For her, fashion becomes not only her chosen path but the language though which she expresses her true self. She loves to experiment with tailoring and structural designs, and to assemble extreme and unrecognized beauty in order to find a new balance.

undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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