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David Saxborn

ESTRANGEMENT Fashion Show 2023


Klädesholmen, a small island on the west coast of Sweden where my ancestors come from.
Klädesholmen is a small rocky island surrounded by water that isolates them from the rest of society. Where the big waves hit the land and the cold summer winds blow around them. An island where there is not much to live on apart from fishing. Life is hard and worn and a longing away from this place is found among most people, but the love for where you come from keeps them strong.

The collection talks about the contrasts between the people who lived there compared to now. As the island has turned into a luxury society for the upper class. The generation that lived once upon a time on the island is beginning to die out and with them their stories also start to disappear, which highlight through this collection.
The collection uses shapes and objects from the island such as how clothes move in wine, boat construction, and how sails are constructed and sewn. The clothes are inspired by classic Swedish workwear clothes and classic summer clothes that people can wear in Sweden today on the island. Material like waxed cloth that they wore to not get wet from water under fish is presented in new silhouettes. Fabrics such as poplin and silk have been converted into double layers to make them thicker and have a new texture and represent the mix of the old and new of the island. 


David Saxborn is 23 years old, born and raised in Gothenburg, Sweden.

David always been interested in various creative things. Since kid he always loved to draw and paint, everything from graffiti, oil paintings and tattooing.

David got introduced to fashion early on, growing up with a mother who had a passion for making her own clothes. When he was 15, he decided to study art and fashion at high school where he won best designer of the year and the best exhibitor of the year.
David’s vision for fashion today is to create new exciting shapes and silhouettes with a minimalistic philosophy for men.

undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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