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Michael Dalla Valle

ESTRANGEMENT Fashion Show 2023


"When you give me a caress I wouldn't want to let go of that hand by the happiness you give me, you always deserve more and I wish everyone to love each other as much as we love each other."

It all starts here, an extract of one of the many letters written between my grandparents, during the period of military service (1960), preserved inside a trunk, in the old family home, which contains memories of a lifetime.

The research process comes from the need to want to retrace this unique story full of emotions, reinterpreting their experience: from the most angelic to the most earthly.

A multitude of yellowed photographs by time, portraying happy moments they shared, inspires the Silhouettes, the choice of Fabrics and Knitwear that are re-proposed in such a way to be able to tell and remember this tale of love.

A stem of lunaria found inside a letter, a symbol of honesty, and the flowers, planted in the garden outside and grown along with their home, are reproposed in the collection: both in the color palette of the garments and as actual flowers hand-embroidered in mohair and leather.

This juxtaposition of leather, cold and rigid like military service, with knitwear, more delicate and softer, comes from wanting to juxtapose the social aspects that marked the past, with an intimate sensibility and femininity, most of the time hidden. 

"Mio adorato Gino", the three words with which each letter begins, and title of the collection, is nothing more than a tale of a love affair during a long period apart.

"All I could think of was you, that soon I will see you again and it will be forever. Gone will be the sad Sundays because you will be by my side and it will be days of immense happiness and infinite love."


Michael Dalla Valle, 23 years old, student of Fashion Design & Accessories with Womenswear Pathway.

During the Education Course, Michael had the opportunity to refine skills in Research, with a major focus to the world of Knitwear and Fabrics. 

Always surrounded through family background to the world of Craftsmanship and Knitwear, it has generated a pleasant interest in Michael.

Throughout the years, both within Istituto Marangoni and by confronting with Textile Production, Michael had the opportunity to delve into its complexity: from the selection of raw materials, such as yarns, to the reinterpretation of craft techniques and weaves.

undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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