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Retbierieka Kong

ESTRANGEMENT Fashion Show 2023


La Satrey (translated from Khmer mean The Women) aims discussion about equality and diversity within art and design industry, focused on woman’s artist and designer role.

Figures like Anni Albers and Marianne Brandt, as well as Lily Reich and Charlotte Perriand, played pivotal roles during the Modernariato era, and their work continues to be cherished by collectors and design enthusiasts. Regrettably, many individuals remain unaware of these artists and their contributions due to misrepresentation, lack of recognition, and overshadowing by their male counterparts.

This collection draws inspiration from the works of female artists and designers, particularly in terms of materials and the principles of contemporary minimalism. It explores how people continue to appreciate and collect vintage furniture and objects, emphasizing the genuine significance of sustainability and recyclability in today's context.


“I want my design to be worn timeless yet interesting and collectable just like the mid-century furniture that people still love and collect.” 

Retbierieka Kong, a junior fashion designer and accessories alumna of Istituto Marangoni with specialized training in Contemporary Art and Product Design in London, was born in Cambodia and raised in Singapore. Currently residing in Milan, she has accumulated over 6 years of training across various fields and is deeply passionate about contemporary fashion, art, and interior design, which contribute to her unique aesthetic sensibility.

Retbierieka's designs are timeless and reflect her Khmer heritage, celebrated for its exceptional craftsmanship and the use of rich fibers like royal cocoon silk in handmade products. Her design aesthetic is characterized by playfulness, elegance, striking visuals, and comfort, with a preference for natural color palettes. She is known for her meticulous attention to detail and a keen eye for selecting materials that align with modern sensibilities, catering to the heart of contemporary lifestyle.

In addition to her design skills, Retbierieka excels in handling challenging materials and sourcing from reliable suppliers.
When not immersed in her creative work, Retbierieka enjoys exploring vintage markets, collecting a wide range of vintage and antique items, including furniture.

undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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