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Beyond Physical Border

Viviana Gallo

Beyond Physical Borders. The house of the future will be an increasingly aware and sensitive house, where both physical and technological aspects coexist. Experiential technology will become a fundamental part of design, involving and interactive. The digital aspect will become physical as emotions involving our sensibility will be conveyed, making people more aware and empathic. Analyzing the chosen brand, Jil Sander, there is a desire for unconventional beauty, something credible, authentic and uncontaminated. From the beginning she has used neutral and monochromatic colours giving the garments an idea of "timelessness". The cuts are rigorous, clean, pure, she often uses natural, fresh and sheer materials. Accordingly, I have translated my interior into an apparently neutral and essential space defined by uncomplicated shapes and clean lines, with a particular attention to the simple and natural beauty of functionality.

undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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