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IM SchoolMates

Networking, social connections and new experience in & outside the School

Istituto Marangoni Milano strongly believes in the active role of students in enhancing the experience both within the School and in the vibrant city of Milano.

Istituto Marangoni’s IM SchoolMates Program plays an important role representing Istituto Marangoni Milano:The SchoolMates group is an inclusive community of peers, welcoming any Istituto Marangoni student who wishes to apply, join and propose new activities.

Currently there are four groups under the following categories Cultural- Museums, exhibitions visiting, Leisure- lIM Partying Schoolmates, Creativity-Hippocrene-online magazin and Society & Sustainability- SET Alliance, each group has its own character. Start connecting with some/one of the groups, immerse yourself into our IM Community and enriching your school life in Istituto Marangoni! For further information, please do not hesitate to refer to the Reception desk or to IM Life Office.

You can also find details in “IM Community” sector of I’M Society APP

Participation in the program takes place on a volunteer basis. For further information, please do not hesitate to refer to the Reception desk or to IM Life Office

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Following you can find some of the activities - grouped by area and goal - open to all Istituto Marangoni students:

Society & Sustainability

Museums & exhibition visiting: 

Engage students in different extracurricular activities, led by our culture group activity leader, immerse yourself in a cultural environment by visiting museums,exhibitions and events in fashion, design and art. Learning something new in a fun way

MUSEUM VISIT · Armani/Silos

IM SchoolMates immersed themselves in over 40 years of the designer’s career, discovering 400 outfits and 200 accessories from Giorgio Armani’s ready-to-wear collections from 1980 to the present. 

IM Partying Schoolmate

Break the ice and make connections with your peers. The events are arranged by our leisure time group leader, such as aperitivi, parties, ect. You will have the opportunity to share your passions, experience, and interests with others in a casual and relaxing way.

APERITIVO TIME · Italian edition

IM SchoolMates gathered for an Italian-style Aperitivo @ Doppio Malto, in the heart of Milan. An opportunity outside of School life to meet each other, improve new languages and make connections.

ESTRANGEMENT · Fashion Show 2023

IM SchoolMates joined the ESTRANGEMENT · Fashion Show 2023 @Frigoriferi Milanesi. 
It was an unique opportunity to discover the collections by the 10 Best Fashion Designers of the year, meet each other and experience a real fashion show inspired by the relationship between humans and the virtual world.

IM Hippocrene

IM Hippocrene is a digital magazine, which is run by our IM Fashion Management students. It is the space where you can explore your creative potential, connect with like-minded people, and showcase your creative works to a wider audience.

IM SET Alliance 

Short for sustainability, ecology and technology, in here you share your thoughts on tackling current sustainability and ecological issues, you will have the opportunities to attend the debates, seminars and other activities which will be hosted by the group leader. Together with others to brainstorm creative solutions.

All student activities are planned by our own Istituto Marangoni students. If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to refer to the Reception desk or write to, you can also find details in “IM Community” sector of I’M Society APP.

The IM Life Office is designed to make your experience easier and make you feel part of an international community of students, creating value, creativity and culture.