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Accomodation in Florence

To help students find their ideal accommodation away from home, Istituto Marangoni Firenze has partnered with housing agencies and providers who can offer different solutions according to their needs. By contacting the partners listed below, students will be able to pick from a wide choice of short and long-term housing options. You can choose from the following options for a short stay (while you look for your ideal accommodation) or a long stay in the city.


Viale Lavagnini 70-72, Firenze

A fully-furnished room, private bathroom, spaces to work and relax, panoramic gym, free bike-sharing, laundry, 24-hour security... all yours, in one great value package.

The Social Hub Florence offers a secure hassle-free stay that stretches far beyond student accommodation.

Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni 51, Firenze Tel. +39 055 5388601


Inaugurated in 2019 with 199 rooms and 246 beds, it's the perfect example of a space designed for community living rather than just accommodation.

From the gym to the lounge and cafeteria, from the rooftop and the play areas, CX Florence encourages socializing and fosters a sense of belonging, while at the same time providing essential services like study rooms, laundry and fast wifi connection.


Through HousingAnywhere you can safely book your new room, offered by verified private and professional landlords. To receive a 30% discount on the booking fee, a Istituto Marangoni VIP profile and priority access to the listings in Europe, USA and Canada, sign up here:

Please note: First you will have to pay the entire price and then email to have that amount back.

You can find information about finding your new place on the how it works page. Do you need more information or have a specific question? Send an email to

WhatsApp:+39 3791468503

Promo code: MARANGONI25 to get 25% discount on the agency fee

Checked and verified properties with HD video tours and high quality images; honest and accurate listings; 24hr move-in guarantee. Customized assistance at or via Whatsapp +39 3791468503.

Email: WhatsApp: +39 3440689888

Contact person for Marangoni students: Giulia Promo code: IM10

Dotstay is a service for students looking for a place to stay in Florence in the medium to long term (3 months or more) who want to visit the accommodation in person or by video tour. Students can use to book a personal multilanguage assistant - an Angel - who will take them to see the place they selected within a few days. The Angel will support them through the entire rental process, from visiting the accommodation to the lease agreement to payment and check in. Dotstay also provides a unique “Matching Service” to find shared accommodations for Istituto Marangoni students only.

Via San Zanobi 58, Firenze Tel. + 39 055 487004

Florence and Abroad Real Estate Agency was established in 1983 and has been successfully renting, purchasing, and selling properties to satisfied clients ever since. Their apartments and villas are located throughout the historical center of Florence, as well as in the surrounding Tuscan countryside.

The agency also specializes in study abroad accommodations for students and academics, providing both short and long-term rentals.

Via degli Alfani 76red, Firenze tel. +39 055 268644

WA: +39 392 96 24 760


Contact person for rentals: Ms. Beatrice

Some tips and recommendations about housing contract

We always recommend renting the accommodation from a trusted housing agency. Even if this includes an agency fee, a housing agency definitely helps you to avoid frauds and scam listings.

It’s obviously important to read the lease agreement carefully before signing it. In order to ensure landlord in case of damage to the apartment or, in general, failure by the tenant to comply with the agreement (such as moving out before the lease ends), landlords usually ask the tenant to pay an amount of money – usually known as “security deposit” - at the time the lease is signed. According to Italian law, this amount must be no more than 3 months’ rent. 

Cost of heating and utilities may not be included in the lease contract. In that case, it is a good idea to ask your landlord to itemize the amounts for each utility, so that you are fully informed of the actual expenses. 

After signing the lease, either the landlord or the tenant have 30 days to register the contract at the Italian Revenue Agency (Agenzia delle Entrate). Registration is required by law: the registration tax - 2% of the annual rent – is paid equally by landlord and tenant.