Study Abroad

Study abroad programmes provide an opportunity to see the world, experience new cultures, learn a new language, visit neighbouring countries, and make new lifelong friends. The study abroad semester at one of Istituto Marangoni’s European schools offers all of this and more; discovering

new horizons overseas, while opening doors to the international hubs of fashion, art and design.

Study abroad semesters (5 – 6 months) offer participants a chance to experience different styles of education and learn key skills from international experts in the field. They gain invaluable insights into European style and lifestyle, cultural influences, trends, contemporary issues in industry and moreover, understand at first hand the impact of luxury companies and brands, and creative and contemporary issues in art and design in Europe’s capitals. Selecting a short study abroad course gives participants the opportunity to be immersed directly into these fast paced and ever changing worlds of fashion, art and design, and all within a rich multicultural student environment. Aimed at participants with at least one-year previous undergraduate study in their selected area, study abroad semester courses encourage participants to develop their own design signature style or ‘visual language’, and forward thinking business acumen, as well as broadening horizons for personal growth and future career development.

Courses available include fashion design, fashion business, and fashion styling, multimedia arts, art history and culture and interior design.

By identifying which study abroad semester courses are best suited to their needs, interests and academic goals, participants are able to fully complement their home study programme, and gain the most benefit from a short period of study abroad.

Courses are offered twice a year, in autumn and spring. Course content changes with each start date to offer a wider range of subjects, giving participants the opportunity to choose the course that best suits their needs.

The study abroad level is structured and taught at year two of a three-year undergraduate programme. According to the chosen course, credit transcripts* or class (contact) hours are awarded on successful completion. For additional information on course content and subject area please see the corresponding 3-year undergraduate course description in this prospectus, or contact the selected school for full details.

*ECTS credits are awarded on selected programmes. All courses provide transcripts of class (contact) hours



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