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Alisa Rashevskaia


Alisa Rashevskaia’s ‘echo of the surf’

Alisa Rashevskaia was born in Saint-Petersburg. She has always felt an overwhelming love for architecture, and all her life she’s been dreaming to “create” something special and share her own world perception with other people. She is now attending the Interior Design Course at Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano, and with help of qualified teachers, step by step, she is understanding how to make her dreams come true. Alisa Rashevskaia carried out a curricular project inspired by Malibu surfers. “The Echo of the Surf” project deals with the interior design of a house situated in a legendary city in California, often described as “a lifestyle, rather than just a city.” “The Echo of the Surf,” the main idea of the project, is what is left over after a whole day spent riding the waves of the Pacific Ocean, or perhaps the feeling you get when you arrive on the beach early in the morning. The concept develops through three different sources of inspiration: Fusion and Confluence, which we can notice looking at the  splashing waves of the Ocean; Stratification and Inflow, appearing after the surf as a pattern on the sand; Liquid Steel, which is in the transparency of the calm morning ocean and purity and tranquillity of lifestyle in Malibu. Alisa creatively translated all of these elements into materials, colours, and shapes, then mixed them in a perfect balance between architecture and design, without neglecting details, even the most imperceptible.
postgraduate-Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts
Russian Federation
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