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Caterina Ellero


Lanvin home collection

Caterina Ellero is currently working as an interior designer and CG artist at the ParisRender studio in Bologna. Italian-Swedish born, she has always cultivated different interests at an academic level, from music to fashion design, motivated by a great artistic sensitivity and guided by her creative talent. Once she found her way through the world of Design, Caterina decided to take the three year course in Interior Design at Istituto Marangoni Design School in Milan, and graduated cum laude in academic year 2013/2014. In the curricular project “Lanvin Home Collection”, Caterina draws from her innate artistic talent and what she has wisely learned during her years of study. The project  originates from an architectural reinterpretation of the famous brand Lanvin: asymmetries, decorations and attention to detail are harmoniously combined in the visionary and non-conventional Interior Design arrangement for a home. Caterina designed ‘Dream’ as the main concept, a theme to which the Parisian Maison is very affectionate and which perfectly matches our participant’s fascination for the ephemeral world. Pure materials such as resin, crystal, and steel were chosen as structural elements, while plaster and travertine, more tactile, stood out for the posing and the three-dimensional surface of the materials. The major intervention has been the creation of a central structure in crystal, with the aim of giving the idea of a protective glass shrine, around which the sub-areas rotate. A mezzanine is enclosed in the loft, private area par excellence of the house, from which in proscenium position you notice the emotional shower that overlooks the space. The result is an unconventional house, only apparently undefined, perfectly in line with the rules of the game of the brand Lanvin. It is a space where one can dream, where the prospect lives of its rules, in which transparency and reflectance intersect, creating a play of lights and shadows.
postgraduate-Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts
Sweden, Italy
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