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Emanuela Giroldi


“Color Spots” Emanuela Giroldi’s Collection

Energetic, curious and resolute, right after a high-school certificate in accounting, Emanuela Giroldi spent three years working for a prestigious company considered an excellence in the world of luxury furniture. At the age of 23, she discovered her craze for fashion and enrolled in the in Fashion Design course at Istituto Marangoni Milano where she is currently attending the second year, determined to make a successful career from her passion. Inspired by a concept of lightness and movement, the curricular project 'Colour Spots' is a capsule collection for the SS 2015 season in which references to the "wave theory" become pervasive and engaging, in a fascinating play of shapes and colours that leads viewers in a relaxing and soothing journey towards change and becoming. One of the key features of the models included in the 'Colour Spots' collection, is definitely attention to detail; accordingly, Emanuela chose silk as undisputed protagonist, giving it a specific role: to convey a sense of delicacy. The result is cleverly achieved with georgette, chiffon and taffeta fashioned in fluid and caressing lines. Last but not least, ruffles, overlies of fabric, and spots of colours are the elements that define and give life to every piece of the collection, to its highest expression: movement. Indeed, the concept of 'wave' has been cleverly exploited through the use of thecolour blue, in different hues, and white.
undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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