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Francesca Berti


Francesca Berti’s “Maison Céline”

After her studies in Politic Science, Francesca Berti decided to pursue a more artistic academic career starting the three-year course in Interior Design at the new Design School of Istituto Marangoni Milano. In 2014, she won a scholarship as best student of the year and she is currently doing a master in Surface and Textile design to improve and enlarge her designing skills. "Maison Céline" is a curricular project inspired by the French fashion house Céline, in which Francesca takes on the design of an interior. Francesca Berti has always stood out in her projects for the constant effort in coordinating all of the elements to create daring yet harmonious interiors, characterized by an elegant, refined taste. This curricular project is no less significant. Francesca Berti chose Céline because of the metropolitan/chic and sophisticated allure of the brand. She worked on simple cuts and lines, and made them eye-catching through the combination of fabrics and materials of different types. The Maison has been interpreted as a wide open-space, where every environment appears to be separated from the others by a central construction, ‘La Voile,’ apparently dividing them. Céline’s sober and elegant style has been declined by the use of exotic wood and precious metals and stones. La Maison Celine looks like an everyday chic interior, remaining at the same time intimate and peculiar.
postgraduate-Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts
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