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Francesco Monteverde


Francesco Monteverde’s bright colors

Francesco Monteverde developed an interest in Fashion Design and Graphic Design at a young age, attending courses in Digital 3D and Graphic Art. He is currently attending the three-year course in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni Milano and works as artistic director of a shop in Second Life virtual network. Francesco’s curriculum project has brought together an intense collection that expresses a colourful and fun pop art-inspired style with a touch of contemporary tropical. The collection "Bright Colors" is the result of a meticulous study of light, interpreted through contrasts of materials and classic colours, yet fresh and innovative at the same time. A perfect combination of style, talent and creativity, enhanced by the academic training at Istituto Marangoni School of Fashion. Francesco uses shiny materials and bright colours for the woman collection: satin and vinyl are declined in the shades of light pink and lengths are kept strictly mini. The garments of the elegantly refined man collection, instead, come into different shades of blue, based on a contemporary classic style.
undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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