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Lin Jun


Ispirazione Céline

Lin Jun was born in Xiamen in May, 1988. She majored in architecture, but her passion for fashion encouraged her to resign from her job as an architect and study fashion in Shanghai. Her background in architecture and her non-competing life attitude has diverted her interest into simple but strongly structured design styles. She believes that the garment without redundant design is the one that leaves the deepest impression on the audience. As a previous architect and current fashion designer, she strives to challenge and surpass her past self. She dedicates herself to the things she loves in a determined but quiet manner. In this Unit of the second Block of Fashion Design the students are supposed to develop a collection for an existing brand. They have to analyse the competitors, target, prices, past collections, shapes, contemporary trends, etc, all elements that help them to develop a collection in line with the style of the brand. In this case the student decided to develop a project for Celine. The collection is inspired by the female image of Celine. She is eager to be an independent, confident and elegant woman. The collection is more like a process of inspiration, during which she figured out that behind this strong image there is a side of fragility, rebellion and gentleness. Besides she would also like to express the contradiction of these 2 aspects, as it makes the image of Celine. The collection is inspired by Amish, which come from an American group that insist to leave in a plain and simple way, without any modern facilities. The collection has used the classic style of Amish and female robe, to express the minimalistic sense of Celine. Additionally it used some feminine elements as lace and gentle colour tones. The muse of the collection is Tilda Swinton.
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