Monica Wang

Building block of fashion design
Undergraduate programmes · Three year
Shanghai School

‘I am Prada’

Monica Wang was born in 1995, she is of Bai ethnicity from Dali, Yunnan. Her passion for fashion mobilized her to quit her study in the middle of senior high school and come to study at Istituto Marangoni Shanghai Fashion Training Centre. She has gained outstanding results in her studies and has been thought of highly by many tutors. Her works have been used as demonstration in class. The style of her works is in line with her character—never afraid to explore the unknown world. She has a lovable compulsion to keep her works to extreme perfectness.

In this Unit of the second Block of Fashion Design the students are supposed to develop a collection for an existing brand. They have to analyse the competitors, target, prices, past collections, shapes, contemporary trends, etc, all elements that help them to develop a collection in line with the style of the brand. In this case the student decided to develop a project for Prada.

The collection “I am Prada” is inspired by Dadaism. “Dada” is not an art but an anti art. It represents the opposite of everything which art stood for. Where art was concerned with traditional aesthetic, Dada ignores aesthetics.

If art was too appeal to sensibilities, Dada was intended to offend. Prada has a lot of things in common with Dada. It is fighting against the mainstream and public aesthetic. There is no boundaries between art and fashion anymore. She also referred to the WGSN F/W 15/16 trend to use collage and wave featuring intuition and randomness for the details.

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