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Pilar Magana


Hotel suite_Coast Coture Missoni Home

Pilar Magana, graduated in Architecture in 2012, discovered her passion for interiors while working for a private studio in Madrid. Pilar is currently attending the Master’s course in Home Luxury Collection at Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano, and believes in the possibility to make any living space a unique and pleasing experience.  Her design style aims to create unique, engaging atmospheres, where spaces keep the same essence even if you remove furniture. Pilar Magana’s curricular project is part of a wider project involving Istituto Marangoni and the iconic brand Missoni, which has diversified its offer and has been proposing design solutions for living spaces with the Missoni Home line since 1985. The project, titled ‘Hotel Suite_Coast Coture’ deals with the interior design of a hotel suite in Cote d'Azur which embodied Missoni’s Identity recalling the colours, tastes, and patterns of the brand. In order to represent the typical atmosphere of the French Riviera, and embrace the philosophy of Missoni Home at the same time, Pilar develops the concept of the suite around the strong relationship between the Brand itself and nature. More specifically, it’s up to fabrics and patterns to design spaces and give them Identity. As a result, while the fluidity and movement of textiles recalls sea waves, the stiffness and stability of patterns relates to the solemn, harsh rocks of the coast.
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