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Ruhi Tamer Cogal


Arabesque, Ruhi Tamer Cogal’s melting pot collection

Born in Turkey in 1981, Ruhi Tamer Cogal has always been interested in Fashion and clothing. For this reason, he gave up an established legal career and moved to Milan in order to attend the one-year intensive course in Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni. Back to Istanbul in 2011, he worked as a junior designer for a menswear company called Damat-Tween. In 2013, he won a scholarship which led him to Italy again, where he completed a Master’s programme in Fashion Design Menswear at Istituto Marangoni. Winner of  the ISKO Denim 2014 competition, he is currently attending his secondMaster’s programme in Luxury Accessories Design & Management with the School of Design in Milano. Ruhi Tamer Cogal carried out a curricular project that transcends the borders of fashion and expresses a universal, complex mood: the agonizing depiction of love and yearning, in opposition to unrequited love, grief and pain. The project, titled “Arabesque”, is a SS 15 menswear collection that outlines the unmistakable style of an emerging talent through a mix of elements and cultures. The capsule collection “Arabesque” is an elegant blend of fabrics, colours, and prints. Loose pants and shorts flow in a play of volumes and contrast with the sculptured look of shirts and T-shirts. The versatile and functional blazers and biker jackets, instead, alternate with more demanding, generous coats. Cotton, jersey, nylon and polyester are the main fabrics used, carefully combined together in such a way to avoid unevenness.  Tones of soil colours and grays are strongly used in addition to shades of yellow, green, and salmon, while prints are declined in lighter nuances which give the collection a cosmopolitan touch.
undergraduate-BA (Hons) Degrees · 3-Year courses · Bachelor of Arts
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