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Térence Coton


‘Sopra Tutto’ Washbasin by Térence Coton

Térence Coton is a young French architect and designer. After working few years as architect in France, he realised that he could find more creative freedom in the field of design. Therefore, he has chosen to complete his education in Italy and is currently attending a master’s programme in Italian Product Design at Istituto Marangoni School of Design in Milano. Térence developed a curricular project titled “Sopra Tutto,” which consists of a washbasin designed for homes, offices and hotels where the concept of modularity is wisely used to consider different users heights and allow customization. “Sopra Tutto” boasts a highly functional design, which allows architects to easily set up different bathroom types, ranging from workplace toilets to colourful and sculptural bathrooms designed for homes. The main concept draws inspiration from the colours of morning and evening landscape pictures. The latter are reduced to a line of pixels arranged all over the washbasin, as to recall the old rotating manufacturing process of ceramics. The icon, the deer, is the inhabitant of the forest and testimony of these ever changing landscapes, colours and emotions. The top module is made of ceramic, and all the ones beneath are either in metal or polycarbonate. Finally, metal and wooden rings can be arranged at different heights in order to allow the user to place objects at different heights.
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