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Vera, Kudryavtseva and Nussipbayeva


‘The future is gold’ for Christian Dior

Sofia Vera, from Bogota, Colombia, Elizaveta Kudryavtseva, from Moscow, and Liana Nussipbayeva, from Kazakhstan are three Istituto Marangoni students currently attending their last year in the Interior Design course at The School of Design in Milano. The team have worked on a curricular project titled ‘The Future is Gold,’ concerning the design of a retail store for the famous fashion brand Dior. ‘The Future is Gold’ showcases a golden era inspired by the 2014 campaign for Christian Dior J'Adore fragrance, imbued with original Christian Dior designs and contemporary elements. As the glowing Charlize Theron whispers reaching the light that filters through the ceiling into a new urban landscape: “A new world, every hope is possible. The future is bright, the future is gold.” The space is a combination between past and present aesthetics, where interior design is used to create a passage between the refined tradition of Versailles and the contemporary glare of a bustling city. “The future is gold” creates a world enriched by the past but totally projected towards the future.
postgraduate-Master's Degrees · Master's Courses · Master of Arts
Colombia, Kazakhstan, Russian Federation
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