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80s interior design trends in the UK

The 80’s aesthetic was unmistakeable in that it was big, bright, and brash. These qualities were, of course, reflected in the decade’s distinctive home décor; from chintzy florals to graphic patterns and sleek Miami Vice style living rooms. When it comes to 80’s interior design trends in the UK, there are a few key features that are simply unforgettable.

Wood-clad walls

Dark Wood panelling on walls paid homage to a Mid-South cabin trend that exploded in the US, and was also adopted widely across the UK during the 80’s. Its warm and natural tones made this interior design trend the ideal backdrop for cosy plaid sofas, mahogany furniture and crochet cushions and throws. You can catch accurate depictions of this bold aesthetic in popular Netflix shows such as Young Sheldon and  Stranger Things.

MFI Furniture

Founded in 1964 by British businessmen Noel Lister and Donald Searle, Mullard Furniture Industries became known as MFI Furniture Warehouses in 1971. By the 80s, the giant was the largest flatpack furniture retailer in the UK, so there probably wasn't a home in the nation that didn't include a piece of their iconic furniture.

Mirrored wardrobes

Mirrors were a symbol of the 80’s, and the bigger the better. Ceilings, walls, cabinets—there wasn't a surface left out to maximise the sense of space in the era's busy design schemes. Remember the floor-to-ceiling mirrored wardrobes with sliding panels? They were super beneficial as they created the illusion of a brighter, larger room, with the added bonus of offering plenty of storage space.

Glass block walls

When it comes to 1908’s interior design, glass block walls were considered sooo chic! Think back to Miami Vice and Dallas, which had room sets filled with them. These popular tv shows had a massive following in the UK, which also led to the spread of many interior design trends. Glass blocks had both form and function; they were excellent dividers that allowed plenty of natural light, which is why they were particularly popular in bathrooms.

Speaking of which, we must take a moment to honour the AVOCADO BATHROOM SUITES! Coloured bathrooms were extremely popular during this decade, but there is nothing that screams 80’s quite like the ultra- fashionable ‘avocado’ shade. Accompanied by patterned and textured wall tiles, it really took interior design to the max.

Ahh the 80’s! There were so many standout interior design features that distinguished this colourful decade  that, unless you want your home to look like a time warp, you need to use them parsimoniously. Remember the      Athena posters? The favourite was certainly the one of the muscular man holding a baby, which most have featured in most teenage bedrooms throughout the country.

Eternal Beau China

Designed and produced by the Johnson Brothers, the Eternal Beau collection was introduced in 1981, and instantly became extremely popular. The quintessentially English pattern featured a pretty ribbon print entwined with a trail of delicate flowers. The unique eight-sided china dinner service went out of fashion in the 2000s, and was finally discontinued in 2013.

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The London School of Fashion and Design at Istituto Marangoni

In the heart of one of the most cosmopolitan capitals of the world, The London School of Fashion and Design at Istituto Marangoni embodies excellence, creativity and innovative thinking, and we pride ourselves on nurturing the creativity of our students to help them bring their ideas to life. Istituto Marangoni places particular emphasis on ethics, design research and business innovation. Sustainability is a buzzword in the fashion world at the moment, one that we intend to ensure never goes out of style, and we encourage responsible design and business innovation, seeking to help nurture this in our fledgeling creatives. Helping future designers to truly make their mark, Istituto Marangoni is the perfect launchpad for a career in Interior Design. 

Interior Design at Istituto Marangoni.

At Istituto Marangoni, our design course provides a creative and complex mix of the latest trends, industry developments, accurate project management, functionality, and contemporary aesthetics. Depending on their chosen level of study, students work on projects that span residential, commercial or leisure sites, working on the design, or renovation, of the space in question. As well as coordinating furnishings, fixings, lighting and colour, participants are shown how to skilfully mix atmosphere, culture, and a creative vision, and consider new global issues in design wellbeing, the user experience, and sustainability. Client expectations and the study of brand identity add to the creative design mix, assisting in the creation of an emotional response through space. Pathways offer additional study options to further specialise in Interior Design.

We also offer a series of short courses, such as Interior Design & Lighting, Product design and Digital graphic design, the details of which can be found by clicking on the above link "short courses".


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