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How to become a jewellery designer in the UK


How to become a jewellery designer in the UK

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Shirley Bassey said that they are forever, while Marylin Monroe claimed that they are a girl’s best friend. Wherever you stand on the issue, if you are looking to become a jewellery designer in the UK, one thing is certain: jewellery can make or break an outfit.

For many it carries a great deal of sentimental value, and is gifted or handed down in countless cultures around the world to commemorate important occasions. Jewellery adds character, and enables the wearer, and the designer, to express their personal style. Of course, diamonds are just the tip of the iceberg… (pun intended).


Certainly, it is all made to be worn, but there are some designers and their works whose creations are admired the world over, and if we mere mortals were lucky enough to even be near them, we are more likely to take a picture than dare to put them on. When it comes to aspirational jewellery in the UK, the crown jewels win the Oscar.

But how can we possibly discuss aspirational British jewellery designers without mentioning ? While working as a visual merchandiser at an online fashion retailer, Rosh Mahtani embarked on a course in wax-carving in London’s Hatton Garden, and suddenly saw a way to combine her passion for style with her love of literature, by crafting elegant jewellery inspired by the poems in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

Her hugely successful brand now commands a loyal fashion following, and she recently won the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design.


With inspiration ranging from sea views to big cities, todays up and coming British designers draw on a wide variety of sources to inspire their creations. From gems and jewels to acrylic and nylon, these UK jewellery designers are making a statement.

Just seven years after graduating from University,  won the UK Jewellery Designer of the Year Award. Today she runs a company specialising in bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery.

Porter is also devoted to Fairtrade and Fair-minded gold, which she uses in many of her designs. is an eternal tribute to beauty, peace and the diving, everlasting gold etched in Silver.

’s pieces are exhibited at international galleries and sold in museum shops, including those of the V&A and the Tate, her work being the very definition of ‘wearable art’. Working with leather, Clarke Hall makes experimental pieces that can be worn in several different ways: twisted, wrapped and draped around the body. From her freeform circles to dramatic ruffles, Clarke Hall’s striking, geometrically inspired designs make a bold statement.

A rising star on the horizon of British jewellery design,  is different from many of her contemporaries largely because of her choice of materials. Lawrie makes high art more affordable with her use of garnet, amethyst and moonstone. Taking her inspiration from nature, much of her work uses roller-texturing, and her Leaf Pendant with Moonstone uses this process to great effect.

Istituto Marangoni – Master’s Degree in Jewellery Design

Designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in jewellery design at undergraduate level, or for industry professionals who wish to expand their knowledge in this specific area, the Master’s Degree in Jewellery Design at Istituto Marangoni, London helps hone the skills and talents of UK jewellery designers. Whatever your style, preference of materials or chosen market, at Istituto Marangoni your individual talents will be nurtured by experts in the international jewellery industry with added the value of ‘Made in Italy’ expertise and style. Take your UK Jewellery Design career to the next level. Please get in touch with us and one of our experts will be happy to guide you.Istituto Marangoni – Jewellery Design Course

Istituto Marangoni – Jewellery Design Course

The jewellery designer is a professional able to conceive and design a piece of jewellery in a structurally correct manner, with an aesthetic language capable of intercepting contemporary trends. This Jewellery Design semester programme provides a broad education in cultural, creative and industry settings as well as the relevant skills needed to use a range of both manual and digital tools and techniques to create an original piece of jewellery at a professional standard. Learn to channel your creative skills and hone your techniques to help you define, and create pieces that express your individual style.

Our expert professionals will guide and train you in a whole spectrum of skills and processes to help you discover and nurture your abilities, and launch a career in Jewellery Design. Please feel free to contact us for advice and further guidance.


Master’s Degree in Jewellery Design Jewellery Design semester programme
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