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Fashion Podcast: the top selection in the UAE


Fashion Podcast: the top selection in the UAE


Conventional wisdom might tell you to let your outfit do the talking, but if the growing phenomenon of fashion podcasting is anything to go by, that’s only the beginning of the conversation. Whether investigating overlooked style culture around the world, the day-to-day grind of working in the industry, or the urgency of addressing systemic problems from sustainability to racial inequality, fashion podcast has quickly proven themselves to be among the most agenda-setting voices in the industry media today.

The very idea that podcasts should be such a compelling platform to explore fashion might seem counterintuitive. How could the medium of sound capture the tactile pleasure of the lining of a coat or the sumptuous swish of a perfectly cut skirt or gown? The answer is, by not attempting to recreate the experience of clothes at all. Instead, the best style podcasts communicate why clothes matter, whether that is the cultural history that informs them, the machinations of the broader industry that produces them, or the simple (or not so simple) appeal of the trends that make you want to buy more of them.

To be a bit more specific, the UAE has created a wide variety of stimulating podcasts, and here are some of our top picks.

Let’s talk

Yalla! Let’s Talk is one of the latest fashion podcasts in the Middle East, and is hosted by lawyer Hani Dajani. It focuses on self-improvement, from mental health to growth and everything in between, along with the mission to highlight untold stories of the Arab diaspora with the masses. Some special guests from their first season included Maya Hussein, Abbas Wahab, Zeyne, and several more talented individuals.

Women and podcast: The Game Changers

Net-A-Porter has launched The Game Changers, a regional, limited edition series of its Incredible Women podcast, where barrier-breaking women share stories, life lessons and advice. Hosted by Net-a-Porter Middle East’s CEO Nisreen Shocair in partnership with streaming platform Anghami Studios, the line-up features Lebanese entrepreneur Dima Ayad; Saudi mountaineer Raha Moharrak; and life coach Hala Kazim. Each podcast is also accompanied by a video which is available on Anghami and Net-a-Porter’s platforms.

The Business of Fashion podcast

The Business of Fashion is recognised around the world for its authoritative, analytical point of view on the $2.5 trillion global fashion industry. Their mission is to build fashion’s global membership community to open, inform and connect the industry. The fashion podcast serves more than 125 countries, and combines independent, agenda-setting journalism with practical business advice, online learning, career-building tools and immersive events, powering positive change in fashion and the world.

Over time, this pioneering approach has made BoF the leading source of intelligence for the industry and is one of its most respected and influential voices. Its CEO Imran Amed is of Indian descent, and his parents were raised in Africa, while he chooses to live in the UK. His global perspective is what drives the Business of Fashion podcast.

Insight and Interviews in Dubai

Dubai Fashion News is a fashion podcast where you can get to know everything about the industry. They interview fashion designers, influencers, models, photographers, shop owners and anyone who is in the business of fashion. They aim to learn their insights, stories and the lessons they learned along the way. With its stellar reviews, this popular fashion podcast offers some fresh insights into many aspects of fashion.

Trends and topics from Arabia

Harper’s Bazaar Arabia has a very popular fashion podcast that covers all things fashion. With a new episode every week, they discuss the hottest topics from the Middle East and beyond. From breaking into the fashion industry to the latest trends, their editors are joined by special guests who offer expert opinions. They invite listeners to join the conversation by posting questions on Instagram and Twitter and address their questions. Special guests include Piaget’s first female CEO Chabi Nouri, who discussed the importance of diversity and changing gender perceptions, and Dima Ayad with model Candice Huffine to discuss body positivity.

Your career in the fashion industry

If you are considering a career in the fashion industry, a solid education could certainly give you a strong head start. At Istituto Marangoni Dubai we offer several courses that cover a variety of subjects, and with varying levels of duration, which aim to provide you with the expertise and support to help hone your skills and build a strong foundation for a career in the Fashion Industry. For more information about the school and the short course please click on the links below.

Choosing a course might seem to link a daunting task, which is why our experts are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch if you require further information or guidance.


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