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Somil Sheth's passion for interior design reveals itself at a very young age. He spent most of his life travelling and, being open to the insights of different cultures, he loves exploring homes and cafés around the world to understand their historical aspects and current dynamics, but especially to translate what he learns into something 'different' for his reference market and country of origin: India.

Understanding how something works to bring about change. This is the goal that led Somil Sheth towards kicking off his career with some Indian interior design firms, including the renowned S. Raheja Reality, specialised in architecture. After learning what it takes to keep a building standing, he started looking into the local real estate market; working for two years in this field, in close contact with the tastes of very different people, he also managed to identify the main traits of India’s design culture. This is the when he decided to deepen his knowledge of Interior Design. So he moved to Italy and enrolled in the Interior Design Intensive course at Istituto Marangoni in Milano; he graduated in 2016 and then pursued a Master’s degree in Home Collection in 2017. Back in India, he worked at MGS Interior’s, a leading company in the field of interior design, where he had the opportunity to put into practice the skills learned during his passionate period of study in Milan. However, as he left Italy, Sheth took along with him an important piece of the country’s heritage: the interest in Made in Italy craftsmanship. After having deepened his knowledge of this field, he began working as a freelancer in India.

Today, in addition to designing unique and personalized pieces of furniture, he manages both residential and commercial design projects, focusing mainly on finishes and with particular attention to the unique style that only a work of craftsmanship can offer. Somil is also professor and unit leader at Istituto Marangoni Mumbai, where he teaches Interior Design.

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