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A Glitch of Self

The phygital Art Show at the Florence School

Art students, with the mentorship of conceptual artist Andy Picci, create an exhibition to investigate the identity between three different worlds: physical reality, Metaverse and

Istituto Marangoni Firenze has revolutionised the concept of artistic exhibition with A Glitch of Self: a phygital experience that innovatively combines the physical and virtual world, giving life to a unique and immersive narrative.
Multimedia Arts and Arts Curating students, under the mentorship of artist Andy Picci, have delved into the human mind's concept of continuously evolving software by analysing slowdowns and glitches.

The exhibition takes place across three different levels: the physical spaces of the School, the digital realm of the Metaverse of Istituto Marangoni, and a world created by the students, led by Andy Picci, using Here, visitors can immerse themselves in an intriguing environment that highlights the similarities between software and our own identities.

In today's digital world, our brains function as the software that shapes our identities. A Glitch of Self is an exploration that challenges this system by inviting us to understand ourselves through glitches. It's a journey into our own identities, where errors become the key to our understanding.


The School turns into a "dark room" and identities are revealed in a process of transformation


The digital world enhances artistic perception, pushing the limits and defining the boundaries of identity


The environment is distorted yet amplified, serving to explore the intersection between humans and machines

A Glitch of Self: an exhibition straddling physical and virtual reality 

Andy Picci, as a Mentor for three-year art programmes, guided students in their creative journey and supported them in the search for their identity in the hyperdigital era.

He encouraged students to explore and discover their personal identities by using digital tools, surreal atmospheres, and interactive works of art.

As a conceptual artist, Andy Picci deeply analyses social dynamics, virtualising them, and offering a unique perspective on human connections.

Multimedia Arts

This three-year course offers a unique blend of technology and creativity. Students get to explore the newest artistic languages and develop skills required for a constantly evolving artistic landscape.

The course focuses on virtual reality and aims to equip students with creative abilities that are in high demand in various industries such as fashion. The students are guided to understand the expectations of a modern audience that is always looking for exciting and interactive experiences.

The course prepares the students for their Art Show debut, which provides them with an opportunity to apply their skills in a real-world artistic context.

Exhibitors from the Multimedia Arts programme include Francesco Agazio, Sofie Engelschiøn, Jessica García Corral, Girija Jhalani, Emma Maggiani, Flaminia Mattioli e Abraham Yael Pérez Mosqueda. Their works are displayed both physically and on the Metaverse.



Arts curating

This three-year course redefines the contemporary approach to art, promoting interdisciplinary collaboration and blending different artistic forms. The aim of the programme is to prepare students to become professionals who are able to transmit culture and promote artistic heritage in a world that is rapidly changing.

As part of the Art Show, students had the opportunity to experience a real work context, apply the skills acquired, and contribute to the continuous evolution of contemporary art.

Arts Curating students Sabrina Morales Echart, Marines Salcedo Gutierrez, and Cosima Jiahui Zhu were responsible for curating the digital spaces and installations.

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