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Surface & Textile Design

Reinterpret surfaces with innovative proposals - through new materials and fabrics.
Master's Degrees • Master's Courses
These full time postgraduate level courses are specialised programmes that support participants’ careers the design industries. They are designed for those who have already acquired specific skills in the appropriate area at undergraduate level, or for industry professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge of a specific subject area in design.


Under the direction of Elena Salmistraro and Elisa Ossino, Art Directors of the course, participants with a previous education in textile or design, will be able to successfully develop projects and collections for international companies in the fashion, interior and product design sectors, with creative and innovative surface proposals. The course lasts 9 months and includes the experimentation of new technologies applied to surfaces and textiles, the analysis of new trends, the development of research methodology and a professional elaboration of the final portfolio.


26 Sep 2022 - 30 Jun 2023
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Programme Specification

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Participants study the historical and cultural roots in décor and textile design, and their evolution through time to contemporary use in home collection, interiors, fashion, products and luxury, as well as in different contexts of art and design. They analyse technical developments in surface and fabric production, and research technology and its application in materials and fabric development for floor-covering and wall-covering in the interior design and decoration. Throughout the course participants are encouraged to experiment with contemporary design looking at influences on surfaces and fabrics, studying the latest trends and different concepts for creative research including colour scheme, production process or the tactile perception of surfaces and textures as well as visual interpretation. They consider new approaches in the industry that are evolving today, including renewable and sustainable resources and innovative new resources and technologies. Working with different fabrics and furnishings, and an advanced study of surfaces, participants are able to make practical and accurate design choices, for example considering the durability of surfaces in areas that are exposed to high usage, or simply switching fabrics to create various ‘zones’ within a space that reflects a different style, interpreting the brand identity of the company. As well as learning how to apply a creative approach to individual style, the course also covers marketing and communication skills providing a professional approach in the presentation of ideas to businesses and new clients. A final graduation showcase provides an opportunity to exhibit final project work and designs, networking with important industry players and journalists.

  • Textile/materials designer

  • Pattern maker

  • Style consultant

  • Trend researcher/forecaster

  • Sector-specific publishing
  • Fabric analyses and technical material research

  • History & culture of fabrics and décor

  • Home collection design philosophy

  • Brand Identity Interpretation

  • Design research theory & practice

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