Interior Design & Boutique Hotel

Core course & 1-week pathway

7 Jan 2019 - 25 Jan 2019
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full package in twin room € 5.500
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Programme Specification


Additional study for core course · 1 week

Luxury hotel design not only aims to meet the aesthetic needs of tourists or business professionals, but also captures the imagination of clients, providing them with a positive experience. The influence of fashion brands on lifestyle living and the link between the disciplines of fashion, art and design, also demonstrated in case studies on key players such as Armani, Missoni, Bulgari, Moschino, Starck and to show the design interpretation that provides the charm and relaxation of holiday travel or the efficiency and comfortable appeal for successful business trips. On this short course participants learn key notions in design in response to these requirements of luxury living.

Participants take a look at the history of the Hotelier industry and contemporary consumer habits of the client, as well as the most iconic international boutique hotels for image, architecture, aesthetic and functional solutions, designed by renowned architects and designers.

They will assess the meaning of luxury for an international market, looking at home collection products and the philosophy of the Fashion Brand. Moving forward they take a look at ‘wellness’ in the hotel suite and the sensorial approach to design and décor, discovering ways of interpreting the concept of space for a hotel suite project. At the end of the course participants will be able to understand contemporary thinking and trend influences in colour, ambient lighting, space and materials; the shaping of a dream home from home experience for avid travellers.

*Pathways are 1 week study courses that focus on a particular theme or skill within a ‘core’ study area. Participants choose pathways as an add-on to their core course in order to undertake further study in their chosen subject. This courses are available as an addition to core courses.



This short course will guide participants through the ultimate fashionable trends in contemporary interior design. It encompasses the definition of a style through the furnishing of interior space, helping participants to improve their aesthetic sense and skills in décor.

This course will challenge participants’ ability to interpret the world of interiors and home collection, their use of complementary styles, colours and lighting effects via a vocational approach to learning.



Week 1

Participants are introduced to the planning of an interior design space through an analysis of contemporary trends in the industry, and to the use of modern project planning presentation techniques. They gain an understanding of which styles and aesthetic languages are more appropriate for fashion trend luxury housing, and how the use of creatively researched elements and images elaborate a concept.

Week 2

Participants work on the creation of a project for an interior space with an analysis of the materials to be used, highlighting appropriate color schemes to create harmony for a contemporary ambiance. They will gain an overview of design products on trend, together with an understanding of the evolution in contemporary home collections. Analysis of furnishing and lighting further assists in understanding the importance of aesthetic perception and style applied to the interior design space.

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