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The Course

Interior Design For Professionals

Interior Design: define the Key Trend in Interior Panorama
Short courses
Short courses

This exciting course has been designed for professionals with a background in the interior design field. It aims to give a general overview of the new trends on Italian design from the latest furniture shows, which takes place in April in Milan.


In order to help participants experience the essence of Italian style and culture, the course provides an excursus on the history of Italian interior design, with special focus on contemporary style.

Through guided visits in the most representative showrooms of Made in Italy brands and participation in seminars held by industry professionals, participants explore the evolution taking place in interior spaces. After this overview, students are involved in the creation of a trend book, which aims at classifying the new products available on the market.

The course is delivered through both theoretical and practical approaches and is taught by designers and professionals.

Programme Specification

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Week 1

In the first week the course provides an introduction to the recent design production with a focus on the leading Italian companies. Moreover, participants learn about the latest iconic Italian products, mainly those presented during the Design Week in Milan and through visits to the most representative showrooms of Made in Italy companies.

An overview of the changes in the panorama of interiors and design, and of the international Trends, is presented through seminars by professionals of the field.

The analysis of the evolution of scenarios in the interior is aimed at understanding and preparing a professional Trend book, which is developed in the following week.


Week 2

Following an in-depth analysis of contemporary trends and the history of Italian design, participants acquire new approaches to sustainability, innovation in technologies and digital solution and evolution in the communication panorama. Talks with historic design companies provide an opportunity to understand the balance between Heritage and Future vision in the actual context and interact with Industry professionals during the open discussion.

After this overview, participants are guided in the development and creation of the Trend Book, which aims at classifying the new products available on the market. 

  • Contemporary Design Trends
  • Analysis: History of Italian Design
  • The contemporary production of historic design companies through direct observation
  • New Interior Panorama
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